Just thought I'd post this to alert all of you with children in school - might be a good idea to check w/ the school on their policies...assuming school officials would report a student's rape to the police is, apparently, not so safe to do any more....they could just hold your child in an office for hours & ask her/him to write up a report.

And oh, have the crime scene cleaned up before LE shows up.

Officials Say They Wanted To Investigate Themselves

POSTED: 5:23 pm EST November 11, 2010
UPDATED: 6:06 pm EST November 11, 2010

MUNCIE, Ind. -- School officials said they didn't call police after a Muncie Central High School student reported she was raped because they wanted to investigate her story themselves.

The 16-year-old girl told staff members she was raped inside a bathroom at the school just after noon Tuesday, 6News' Joanna Massee reported.

School officials said they called the girl's guardian but opted not to contact police, even though there was an officer in the building at the time.

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