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    FL - Danielle Santangelo, 34, found murdered, DeLand, 8 Nov 2010

    Such a tragic story - I'd been following reports of her missing for days...then saw this early this morning...so sad - she was taking care of her mother who has cancer.

    Danielle Santangelo put an ad in a weekly publication calling herself the "Girlfriend next door" and the man who responded slashed her throat, Volusia County sheriff's investigators said Thursday.

    Santangelo's body was found in the back seat of her mother's red Chrysler Sebring, stashed in a wooded area south of DeLand at Darchelle Court and Cherry Street. Her neck had been cut.

    Sheriff's detectives arrested Willie Hicks, 32, an unemployed Volusia County man late Wednesday and charged him with first-degree murder in the death of the 34-year-old Port Orange woman.

    Investigators said Santangelo placed an ad in The Pennysaver. It read: "Girlfriend next door. Beautiful. Young Italian. Very classy. Call anytime 24/7," and then she listed her telephone number, said Volusia County sheriff's spokesman Brandon Haught.

    Hicks responded to the ad a day or two before Santangelo's disappearance on Monday. Investigators do not know what day the two first talked on the telephone but it's believed they met in person for the first time on Monday, Haught said.

    much more here

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    Where is Rachel Cooke? Missing since 10-Jan-2002
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    I know the poor lady is dead and so sad.... but what she wrote in her ad has me scratching my head (not referring to the phone number). Good example of why placing and answering personal ads is risky. Before I get slammed - I apologize if anyone is offended.

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    It is always dangerous to place personal ads and give out too much information or meet anyone in other than a public place...it is sad that Danielle felt she needed to do this, to meet a man. Her poor family...thank God they have the suspect...
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    Hicks's mom and sister are a real joy. "My son didn't kill anybody. All he'll do is whip your a*s, but he won't kill anybody" to the sister saying he wouldn't have sat down and played cards if he had killed someone.


    Oh I do feel so sorry for Danielle's mom. Anytime I hear a grown child or teen always checked in. They always call so you don't worry, and then they don't? That just kills me because it usually turns out to be the worse.

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    From April 2011:


    Willie Hicks Jr., 33, accepted a plea offer that resulted in a life sentence for the killing of Danielle Santangelo, who had advertised her services as an escort. Hicks also got another life sentence, consecutive to the first, plus 30 years for the two separate incidents of false imprisonment and rape...

    Hicks had responded to the ad and they met, although Santangelo text messaged a friend about a bad feeling she had about the man who had contacted her...

    Hicks never confessed, but a sample of his DNA was taken. That key piece of evidence led detectives to charge Hicks early this year with the sexual attacks of two women.

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