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    Rest in Peace Little Zahra

    There are many people in this big world who would have reached out and gave you a better life had they known what all you endured. I hope you are finally at peace up there in heaven with Jesus and are playing with the rest of the little child angels that are up there. <3

    RIP Little One.

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    Oct 2010
    Zahra my heart hurts when I look at your beautiful smile and your gorgeous freckles. I know that you are safe now in the arms of Jesus. I hope you are running and playing with all the joy and abandon you should have had in your life. Rest in Peace gorgeous angel.

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    Barrie Ontario, Canada
    R I P Sweet Zahra.

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    Zahra, you are gone too soon. So many loved you that never had the honor of meeting you.
    How I hoped and prayed for a different outcome. I am so sorry for the horrors you endured while on this earth.
    But I know you are safe and happy now. Never to hurt again!
    Rest in peace, Little Angel.

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    You may be gone from this world now but I can assure you little Zahra you will never be forgotten. You have touched many lives with your adorable little freckles and a spirit that most of us can only wish that we had. You are in a far better place now and will never have to suffer any more. I now pray to God that the person or persons responsible for your death will never have the chance to harm another a child. RIP precious Zahra!

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    Zahra ,
    your precious smile and sparkling eyes have touched my soul.
    May the stars in the sky cover you as a warm blanket of love
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    Rest in Peace Zahra.....you are safe now

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    Sweet, Zahra. Your smile, warmth and courage has touched many lives. May you never know pain again. Rest in peace, little one. You deserved so much more.
    "I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life."
    Rest in peace, Ethan Stacy and Aja Johnson.

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    Zahra, I wish you could have known how many people would grow to love you and your courageous spirit. If only we had known you were out there before this happened Zahra....having to endure such suffering... we would have rushed to rescue you.

    I have looked upon your smiling face and feel humble.In my eyes you are truly a special angel. I will never forget you or what a real trooper you were as you battled cancer. I only wish that you had been appreciated, loved and nurtured like you so richly deserved.

    While I know that you are in Heaven now it still hurts to see you go this way. May your beautiful spirit fly higher than eagles dare to soar and the face you see now Zahra will always be kind and gentle. You are safe now in the arms of God.
    "Pardon Our Noise, It's the Sound of Freedom" USMC New River Air Station, Jacksonville, North Carolina

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    Nov 2010
    Rest in peace, sweet baby. My heart just aches for you. I don't believe there is any purpose to this senseless tragedy, but I do feel that this case has united so many people the world over. I vow, for the rest of my life, to never "look the other way" where a child is concerned - I will call CPS, DCS, DSS, LE... if I even suspect a child isn't being taken care of properly. That is what I have taken from this, and how I intend to remember Zahra. In my household, children are a gift to be cherished - - <3

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    Beautiful Zahra, I am so sorry for all you had to endure in your young life. Most of all, that you weren't loved for the special courageous angel you were and are. I hope you have peace now. Soar with the angels, little one. I will remember you always.

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    I wrote this to you Zahra, originally 10/26/10
    I have added some lines for you,rest in everlasting love and peace.

    Sweet Angel Zahra,

    This is how Im feeling right now, Justice will never be served for you in my time here on earth.
    We can sit here and try to figure out what happened to you or where you are right now, none of that really matters, its how you got to where you are now.
    You were let down, forgotten about and literally thrown away at the hands of many evil people, even the ones in AU let you down, how much did they really search for you? You were taken out of your country possibly illegally, why was that not reported when they took you out?

    You know by now that Mommy had searched for you for a long time,and what could have been one of the worlds greatest miracles turned into the worse nightmare that your sweet Mommy will live with for the rest of her life.

    How I can hear you now silently calling out to your Mommy,but ,for some reason that I believe none of us will ever understand,it wasnt meant to be.

    Because of you,Zahra, your Mommy will have an angel with her for the rest of her life here on earth.The world has an ANGEL in you.

    Your pure soul and body taken from this earth by people who were supposed to protect you, love you, nurture you,not treat you as a posession & keep you from the love your Mommy has for you.
    How you cried out silently because you were scared.

    If only............

    So many questions Zahra, I know you must have had those questions each and every day ,and no one answered,no one listened.

    You know Zahra, IF someone gets charged with throwing you away, they'll still eat, sleep, and breathe. They'll have done the most horrendous act and still get to breathe, not only that they'll have someone actually represent them while they breathe.
    In the end your story, Zahra, will be a story about humans,turned into savage beasts that had no place here on earth.
    Zahra, I know that you are one of Gods precious children and always have been, I just dont understand why you had to travel such a gruesome road before you were at your final resting place.
    Your short life here will strengthen my belief of why I must love,& protect my own children each and every day I walk this earth.

    Zahra, you have changed our lives forever.
    Liars, even when they speak the truth, are not believed. Aristotle 384-322 B.C.

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    Rest in peace, sweet princess, Zahra. You are now in Heaven, to be loved for eternity, in God's care. Run, play and be free of all sickness forevermore!
    Rest in Peace
    Joey, Summer, Gianni & Joseph Mateo

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    Zahra Clare, your star will shine and brighten our lives forever.You have truly changed so many lives. You have truly earned your wings.
    With love and admiration you will be missed and always remembered.

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