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    LA - Henry Glover, 31, shot to death by NOPD officer, Algiers, 2 Sept 2005

    Former Officer David Warren shot to death Henry Glover in Katrina's aftermath. Gunned him down-he had no weapon and posed no threat. Glover's friends drove him in a car to a makeshift PD station and encountered what must have been their worst night mare, as if anything could have been worse seeing their friend murdered by a police officer.

    The three men were beaten by two police officers, Scheuermann and McRae, while asking for help. They were handcuffed together and the officers sped off with a vehicle. Which was then burned, set alight, with Glover's body in the back.

    The officers are currently on trial-they were caught when the feds started investigating Glover's death.

    There is a pattern here, in the aftermath of Katrina. Check out the Danzinger bridge shootings.

    It makes your heart sore.

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    I was just about to post this! This also needs to be on the WALL OF SHAME! imo


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    There was a frontline special about this a few weeks ago. Here's the link

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    I hope and pray these police officers are found guilty, and that they are sentenced to life in prison. To think that the man they murdered helped pay their salaries with his tax dollars is appalling. One of the officers was heard to say that all looters should be shot and killed, but the "looters" in this case were trying to get food and water......a far cry from stealing a TV, and even IF they'd been stealing tv's, it wouldn't justify the behavior of these officers of the law.

    Not only did they murder this man, they burned his body to try to cover up the crime. They need to face justice.

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    "Ex-cop sentenced to 25 years for shooting 'looter' in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is cleared at retrial"


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    Former New Orleans Police officer Gregory McRae on Friday was re-sentenced to 17 years in prison for burning the body of Henry Glover, an Algiers man who was shot by another officer four days after Hurricane Katrina swept through the city in 2005.

    The 17 years was the same prison term McRae received after he was convicted along with two other officers-- two others were acquitted-- in Glover's death and an alleged cover up that followed.

    David Warren, the rookie cop who shot Glover outside a strip mall, won a new trial and was acquitted. The case against fellow officer Travis McCabe was thrown out, leaving McRae as the only officer of the five charged in Glover's shooting to be sentenced to prison.

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    The Orleans Parish coroner has reclassified the post-Katrina death of Henry Glover as a homicide, nearly ten years after New Orleans police officers shot him and burned his body. Dr. Jeffrey Rouse announced the news in a press release Wednesday afternoon...

    In a phone interview later, Coroner Rouse told WGNO that he began looking into new evidence a couple of months ago, because he felt an “ethical and moral obligation.”

    He said that outside evidence on a federal level was essential to the reclassification, but would not clarify what particular evidence led to the decision to change Glover’s “undetermined” death to a “homicide.”

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    Rebecca Glover said she and her family were ecstatic at the news that Henry Glover's official cause of death is now listed as homicide, but said Wednesday she regards the latest development as a first step toward seeing charges filed against the New Orleans Police officer who admitted shooting Glover, David Warren...

    Warren was found guilty on federal civil rights charges and sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2010, only to go free after he was granted a second trial in 2013, and won acquittal.

    All the while, Rebecca Glover and her family pressed Cannizzaro to file murder charges against Warren, a crusade she says will resume in earnest next week... "(Cannizzaro) said we should wait and let the federal (prosecutors) do their thing, and if they didn't do it, (Cannizzaro) would file charges," Rebecca Glover said. "I'm going to hold him to his word."

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