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    OK - Mary 'Katherine' Fields, 31, Tahlequah, 23 Dec 1986

    Mary Katherine Fields was the ex-wife of Randolph Dial.
    She was killed in 1986 while he was in prison. She lived in Tahleqhah,
    OK. I can't find any mention of her in cold cases, has it just been forgotten
    after all these years?

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    Any links about the murder?

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    I can't find anything in google on that name. Randolph Dial was a convicted murderer who escape from prison.

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    Didn't Dial excape with a guard's wife and it never was explain all the way if she went with him in good will or he forced her into going ..

    I think Unsloved Mystery's covered this case on TV ... They was caught I think so been few years ago though I could be wrong..

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    He left with Bobbie Parker.

    As to her willingness to go with him - you definitely have two camps - one pro Bobbie that think she's a victim... and the other camp who believes she went with him and stayed with him for years.

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    Here is a link I found about Randolph Dial. It mentions Mary Katherine being
    mysteriously murdered in 1986. I am just curious about the case because MK's mother several years ago and she told me about it and how it had never been solved.

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    I lived in Tahlequah at the time but none of the names mentioned in this book ring a bell, except for the LE officers:


    It boggles me that this all happened so close by and I was completely oblivious to it.

    Anyway, interesting read, a number of potential suspects.
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