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    Another Kobe/JBR Connection

    Not only is Lin Wood"representing" the AV in the Kobe civ. case BUT another JBR case hanger-on/money grubber is also now rearing their head everyone's favorite fake journalist Jeff Shapiro (fomerly of the NE)!
    Jeff has written an online book about the case(nevermind it hasn't gone to trial yet ) that he's charging $2 to read and now fancies himself some sort of agent of the AV and will "neither confirm nor deny" rumors he's trying to sell the AV's story and movie rights on behalf(again this hasn't even gone to trial yet! SHEESH!!!!!!!)

    Colorado seems to be smaller than I thought!!!
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    I love Jeff Shapiro! I hope he's not marketing her story...

    Interesting that this civil case is so blantantly for money - and Lin Wood is the attorney suing What an idiot...this may be the one that bites him!!

    He broke his pattern - she is not a "wrongly accused."

    Oooops! Hope they both lose big on the civil suit.....NO MONEY! All Wood's expenses will be a financial loss! Ah, I can dream....
    IMO -

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