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    Ramsey Campaign Thanks Their Supporters

    Im bringing this over from FFJ as ,imo,it's just another*perfect* example of The Ramsey's hubris,greed and complete clulessness on life in general and must be shared (ok I'll freely admit I do take a perverse delight in every misstep the "gruesome twosome" make).

    This is the letter FFJ poster "JR" received in thanks for their 2 cent donation to the Ramsey campaign-Thank God Team Ramsey didn't win!

    (JR has the letter scanned at FFJ if anyone wants to view it: http://www.forumsforjustice.org/foru...age=1&pp=12Ive just included the text with permission):

    Dear Friends,

    For your consideration, the Friends to Elect John Ramsey Committee finished with a debt of approximately $80,000. If you find it in your heart to reduce this debt, it would be deeply appreciated. Per Michigan law, the maximum contribution is $500 per person 18 years of age and older.

    Checks should be made payable to:
    Friends to Elect John Ramsey Committee

    Mail to :
    P.O. Box 703
    Charlevoix, Michigan 49720

    Thank you,

    Megan E. Richardson
    Finance Director

    A DEBT OF $80,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why doesn't John just sell a plane??

    (If you've never read at FFJ you really should-there's just a wealth of JBR info there and you can read without registering)
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    Sorry John, I just flushed my contribution.

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    Well, that's less than $118,000...

    Has anyone looked up Psalms 80?

    Who do they owe $80,000 to? Credit card debt? Don't get it - don't you have to have money first before you spend it?

    Did they borrow $80 thou for the campaign?
    IMO -

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