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    OH - David Uhl for child molestation, Perry Twp, 2010


    "In January 2001, Uhl, known as “Uncle Dave” to children at a Perry Township day care center, was sentenced to six years in prison after being convicted of a rape charge involving a 5-year-old girl and having sexual contact with another child at the center."

    He wasn't a teacher or care giver at the daycare. The school thought it was ok for this person to be there?!

    "He was classified as a sexual predator, required to register his address with authorities for life after his being paroled in October 2009."

    A year later, he is in custody again. While a few brave children & parents have come forward. When will excuses stop being made for why he is on the street to prey on more?

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    Why Why Why WHY?

    The thing is when it comes to child care centres, the staff that care want to be able to give the children one on one time as much as possible because to most of the kids that attend it is very much their second home.

    It would of been easy for him to gain the childrens trust - once he had that he had his foot in the door. An extra pair of hands is always a good thing in child care - ( sad but true ) I was a co-ordinator of a program for two years, we would often have helpers that the kids idolised, although we watched them very carefully and they were never let out of our sight with our kids.

    The database is only one step. there is so much more that needs to be done.

    The first and main thing is to ensure it works. Why was he not checked up on?

    In Australia it is mandated that you are to carry a "working with children check" BEFORE you even step foot onto a primary school, or day care. Whatever applies. They need to have this in order to be on the premises, we also have accrediation to report to if people do not comply. Just my two cents.

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    So sad and frustrating. KEEP HIM LOCKED UP!!

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    OMG - this just kills me. What is wrong with the system. Why are they let out willy-nilly like this -- and left to attend to children. Keep this creep locked up foreva!


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