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    TX - De'Jhane Pollard, 4, beaten & strangled, Dallas County, 29 Nov 2010

    De'Jhane Pollard, who police say was left alone with Hutta, was found unresponsive with red marks on her neck and bruising on her back. Paramedics performed CPR, but she died at Baylor University Medical Center at Irving.


    This is so sad & tragic. I didn't want to post another 'boyfriend kills child while babysitting' article but wanted this child's name to be posted and not forgotten. This #&*%# is at least charged with capital murder.

    There are some good comments following the article.

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    no picture of this child yet but adding her full name.

    Dejhane Monett Pollard

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    Strangling a little girl is just so cruel & evil...how does one become so heartless that they can do this to a defenseless child?

    Fly with the angels, little Dejhane You don't have to be hurt ever again.

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    For the love of freaking god!!!!!!!

    I know that I sound like a broken record but it just has to stop!!! I barely log in here, some days, not at all & when I do, the stories that I was following are buried under new horror stories. And, I do mean buried.

    I guess that some "adults" these days are just so juvenile themselves that they cannot comprehend a child. They can't take it, & they murder children for being children.

    At some point something has just been lost within people.

    Children will be children. Children are innocent. It is up to us to protect & teach them. And what are we teaching them!?

    Some are either dying because they soiled their diaper, acted out, were a normal child, got in the way of the flippin tv, or were a normal child.... And then some live in fear of being a normal child because of these fools that are their "role models"

    The insanity & ignorance behind all of these adults with no patience is enough to make me throw my hands up at society.

    However, then I realize why I come here to read & I know that it has to be to make a difference.

    I'm sick over it, & I'm tired of it.

    Too often folks have to say "Rest in peace baby girl"... Although I do mean that.

    My uncle's brother died of a heart attack at 60 a few weeks ago, & his 84 year old mother lived with him.

    All she can say is that your children are not supposed to die before you & he was 60, she's 84.

    WTH is wrong with society today!?!?
    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”~Oscar Wilde

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    RIP Dejhane, may you finally be whole again with "our" other angels.

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    De'Jhane Pollard, who police say was left alone with Hutta, was found unresponsive in a bedroom with red marks around her throat, bruises on her chest and abdomen and several large bruises on her legs, according to police documents.

    Hutta was initially arrested on a charge of injury to a child. That was upgraded after the death was ruled a homicide by the Dallas County medical examiner's office.

    He had received deferred adjudication probation in 1999 for injury to a child whom Child Protective Services said his then-girlfriend had been baby-sitting. The judge revoked his probation in that case and sentenced him in 2003 to four years in prison.
    Why is it no surprise that he had done this (or something similar) at least once before? Dammit! Why are these POC handed children to abuse - children deserve so much better.

    RIP Baby girl, De'Jhane.

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    From January 2015:


    In July 2007, less than a year after Hutta’s release, his 2-month-old son suddenly stopped breathing, according to Child Protective Services documents. Originally assumed to be a medical tragedy, an autopsy later revealed the child had died of malnutrition and “multiple fractures,” according to records.

    Three years after that, Hutta, then 33, showed up on investigators’ radar a third time. On Nov. 29, 2010, he called Irving police, saying his girlfriend’s daughter was unconscious... She died at Baylor University Medical Center soon after.

    Hutta was convicted of her murder in January 2013 and sentenced to life in prison. His long and brutal history of hurting children highlights what advocates say is one of the biggest challenges in monitoring and stopping child abuse deaths. “Paramours” — Child Protective Services’ oddly dated term for unmarried romantic partners — pose particular challenges that the agency has not always risen to.

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