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    NM - Joel Large for child pornography, Los Lunas, 2008

    I looked and could find no previous thread for this guy. This is appalling, IMO. He claims to have found Jesus. That is wonderful. But I think I'd need some assurance from Jesus himself that there's nothing to worry about here.


    Los Lunas [NM] Man Convicted of Child Porn Free

    "A Los Lunas man who was sentenced last summer to a dozen years in prison on child pornography charges was set free Tuesday.

    Joel Large, 44, of Los Lunas, who was convicted on charges that involved producing child pornography and providing alcohol and cigarettes to underage boys, walked out of court a free man.

    Thirteenth District Court Judge William Sanchez suspended the remainder of the sentence and placed him on five years' probation after Large said he "found God and Jesus Christ and plan to devote my life to doing good things."


    "....Large's brother, J, told the judge Joel didn't commit the offenses purposely. "He was just messed up on drugs …The Bible talks about mercy," JL said. "My point, your honor, is that my brother deserves at least one chance; it's his first offense."


    "...We feel that the court gave him a significant break already at sentencing," [Assistant District Attorney] Reed said. "This is not just a couple of pictures on his computer. He had hundreds of pictures that were copied on CDs … He has all the indications of being a sexual predator, and he needs to be incarcerated for the protection of the community."

    more at link

    For more insight into the matter:


    Is that, ummm, a photo of Mr. Large?

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    Umm what chance did those boys deserve? What about the boys he has yet to come in contact with?

    Finding Jesus is the oldest ploy in the book - you can bet this creep found a lot more than GOD in prison, like how to dispose of witnesses, to not get caught..

    This Judge needs to be investigated too.
    Thank you my WS family for everything you do, everyday. You are loved and appreciated.


    ~Emma Leigh Barker~

    Justice For Emma
    Stacey Barker - Guilty - Murder 1 - 5/24/11
    25 to LiFE - Sentenced 6/17/11

    jmho as always

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    A pedophile like Mr. Large is probably only interested in paintings of the babe in the manger anyway, Jesus-wise.

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