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    AL - Carl Lloyd arrested for child sexual abuse, Hartselle, 2010

    I think it's time for a thorough investigative report. Something is definitely going on. Every single time I google the words, "youth minister arrested", it seems that another guy comes up. This is NOT the "good news" Christian church members have in mind, IMO. No, this is not the guy from Alabama that I just posted about. It's a different one.


    Former youth pastor arrested for sodomy

    HARTSELLE, AL (WAFF) - A former youth pastor was arrested for second degree sodomy.

    The mother of a 15-year-old girl contacted the Morgan County Sheriff's office about an inappropriate sexual relationship between the girl and Carl C. Lloyd III. The girl was a member of the youth group at Son Rise Baptist Church in Hartselle where Lloyd was the youth pastor.

    Investigators looked into the allegations and Lloyd was indicted by a Morgan County grand jury on sodomy charges. He turned himself into the Morgan County Jail on November 23rd. Lloyd was released after posting a $50,000 bond.

    Church leaders relieved Lloyd of all his duties at the church after they learned of the investigation. Lloyd has since moved to Georgia...."

    more at link

    I know it sounds familiar but I promise, it's a different man. One is too many, IMO. I wonder if the pastor's wife posted bail for this guy too?

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    MissIzzy - try googling 'youth minister sentenced' - or 'former pastor sentenced'.

    There's way too many of these men out there taking advantage of children...I wonder if it's always been this way or if we're just now hearing about it.

    And the poor kids - to have going to church blended in w/ rape & molestation...that has to be so confusing.
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    You're so right, TM!!! If you just go back even a single year, there are literally tons of men who have literally fallen from grace and straight into the state pen. This is absolutely unacceptable.

    There's also a similar theme that runs through each story. At the time of arrest, the congregation rallies around and defends their pastor. They extol his virtues and say that he could NEVER hurt a child. They point to all the good the man has done.

    Odd, how there is total silence upon sentencing. To each his own but I'm mighty pleased to be up here on my mountain with no one standing between me and God. The trees and birds seem to behave themselves nicely. I've seen some cavorting with the deer but nothing untoward.

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