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    Contacting Crime Victim Family Members - NOT ALLOWED

    Please let me make one thing as clear as I can, under NO circumstances is anyone allowed to contact ANYONE in a case and ask them to come to Websleuths, ask them if you can do their chart for them, tell them about Websleuths, or in any way mention Websleuths.

    We just had a case were someone from this forum contacted a family of a murder victim and asked to do the victim's chart.

    The family became very upset at Websleuths for asking them and eventually had to tell the poster to quit harassing them. I have also had to pull any mention of this victim from Websleuths

    To say I am upset over this is an understatement.

    When people confront me about why I allow a forensic astrology forum and not a forensic psychic forum or a forensic numerals forum or any other type of non-mainstream forensic forum I always tell them this;

    The reason I allow the Astrological forum is because the posters have never once caused me any grief. They are educated and very respectful of victims and their families. As I have learned with anything to do with psychics this is not the case. That's why I will never allow a psychic or any other non main stream forum.

    I know this poster was on bad apple and does not reflect the long time members.

    You all work so hard and I do appreciate all you do. But please if you hear of anyone contacting a family member FIRST then let me know.

    Also if anyone contacts a family and uses the Websleuths name without permission will face swift action.

    Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact me if you would like to comment.
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