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I agree the bill is not perfect but with some tweaking it could be a very good thing. Do I think it will solve all of the problems no I dont.

I dont see the rule of having to inform of address changes as being a bad thing. I d say its better to err on the side of safety for our children.

As for the 18 month to abandon a child to a safe place. If it means that child is safe as opposed to abused I see that being a good thing. weather the child has bonded shouldnt matter in an abusive situation.

I personally agree with believe on the matter of more case workers and smaller case loads would help. JMO
Again, I have to ask. What do you think the purpose would be for the change of address? Many of these clients are poor and I've seen them move 3x or more during an investigation. They move all the time due to not having enough money to pay the rent! During the investigative process we, (the investigators), are able to keep track of them because when we open an investigation we get the names of everyone that family knows. They don't have enough resources to go very far and we can find them within hours if they don't call us to tell us their whereabouts. Part of the investigative process is to explain to the family that we have to be able to reach them at all times...they know this and most comply because they know we may remove their child if they don't. After an investigation is closed, we are not allowed to contact them again unless a new investigation is opened. When an investigation is opened, the reporter knows who and what they saw and where it happened...THEY tell us. If they don't know the exact address, we have the resources to locate the home. We have access to utilities, driver's licenses, postal records, etc. We are able to find families...that is the least problematic situation we have. Changes of address mean nothing and what would be the penalty if they didn't change the address? I can assure you this is not significant to the safety of the children.

Bonding is not the issue for surrendering a child. Parental rights are. A child cannot be legally adopted unless the parents have agreed to terminate their parental rights. If parents want to give a child up, we are more than happy to place the child in a safe environment during the termination process. This is not a safety problem...it is a parental rights problem and would result in children floating in the Foster Care system that could not be adopted and placed in a permanent home. The parents would also be subject to criminal penalties if they dropped off their children, so this whole proposal would result in multiple changes in statutes that the Zahra Project hasn't considered.