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    Chick hatches from supermarket egg

    LOL My daughter would LOVE this... she is always taking eggs from the fridge and putting them in little nests... I tell her it won't happen... I guess I was wrong!


    A woman who bought an egg from a supermarket was amazed when it hatched to reveal a newborn chick.

    Raija Bennett, 45, had got the free-range eggs from Tesco so her broody pet hen Biscuit could pretend to incubate them.

    But three weeks later Mrs Bennett was surprised to find the Oakham Blue egg had hatched, according to the Manchester Evening News.

    Mrs Bennett, an adult education tutor, said: "I had told my father-in-law Biscuit was getting broody and he suggested getting some free range eggs for her to sit on.

    "I was told if kept properly there was a chance one might hatch because a cockerel could have been kept in the flock. I didn't believe any of them would be fertile."

    She added: "The egg started chirping on Thursday so we knew something was going to happen. I couldn't believe it when I saw it pop out from underneath Biscuit the next morning."


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    Everytime I crack an egg open my son screams "It's hatching, it's hatching"

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    I've never heard of this, unbelievable. And to be in a cooler the whole time. WOW.

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