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    The previous poster, also, referred to the miles in distance of Tara disappearing.
    I just want her found. Whether she left on her own, or she was taken. I want her found. My oldest daughter went through High School with Tara. When I see Tara, I think about my daughter. I want her found.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieOakley View Post
    The previous poster asked how far it is between where the jewelry was located and where Rachel Cooke disappeared. That's what the miles part was about.

    Certainly, we should continue to look at options even if they are far away... there have been a number of cases where the missing person got a ride (or was taken) far away from where they started!

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    Sorry if my post was misunderstood. I thought CanManEh was looking for a connection in the disappearances between Rachel Louise Cooke and Tara Grinstead. I wasn't sure if he wanted to know how far Texas was from Macon (where the jewlery was found) or Ocilla (where Tara was last seen).

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