God bless him


AUGUSTA -- Harold Peabody was buried Tuesday with his favorite farm tractor parked beside the grave."My father said he didn't want to go to the grave in a hearse," said Alden Peabody, his son. Seventeen other antique tractors stood nearby as silent sentinels during the service in Mount Hope Cemetery.

In an unusual procession that drew stares from onlookers, Peabody's casket was towed up Winthrop Street aboard a hay wagon. His 1940 Allis-Chalmers RC tractor supplied the power, with his son behind the wheel.

The 17 other tractors -- including a 1928 McCormick-Deering and a 1952 Farmhall Super Seed -- followed the leader as they left Knowlton & Hewins Funeral Home off State Street at 10:30 a.m. The convoy moved along at 5 mph.

A founding member and first president of the Maine Antique Tractor Club, the Augusta resident died unexpectedly Sunday at age 82.