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    thank-you leomoon

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    Hampton, VA

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    LIVE news conference.

    SAFEWAY grocery store clerk in San Francisco recognized her and contacted police somewhere around 2PM.



    A . . . M I R A C L E she's alive.


    UPDATE 12/11/10

    They had a cardboard sign outside the store area, walking distance from where they were camping, ASKING FOR MONEY.


    Brittany Smith and her accused abductor were spotted outside a San Francisco Safeway store Friday with a cardboard sign asking for money, Roanoke County Police Chief Ray Lavinder said during a 10-minute news conference this afternoon.
    San Francisco police located the Dodge Neon in a parking lot adjacent to the San Francisco airport
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    Has anyone tried a chart for Tina Smith's murder with Brittany & Jeff's charts?
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
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    Tina Smith Murder Discovered

    Quote Originally Posted by passionflower View Post
    Has anyone tried a chart for Tina Smith's murder with Brittany & Jeff's charts?
    Since Brittany is the victim here, as a 12 yr. old child, I'll not post on her chart any further, as she is now rescued and back home.

    For J.S. Easley however, his Mars at the 22nd degree of Cancer opposes the Part of Fortune of the Murder Chart (when Tina's body was found)
    His Mars also then opposes Ceres, near the Ascendent of that chart.

    Tina's North Node 19Pisces - conjuncts J.S.Easley's Mercury within one degree, and the entire stellium of his Sun,Mercury and Venus all in Pisces. The Black Moon Lilith, also near 19 degrees Pisces in this Event (discovery of the dead body) of Tina Smith.

    "The Greek word moira (μοῖρα) literally means a part or portion, and by extension one's portion in life or destiny.
    They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death."


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    Murder Scene and kidnapping Tina Smith

    The above chart shows us what the scene was when the LE arrived to find the dead body of Tina Smith.

    If we look to the 4th house of the home itself, the murder scene in question, we see Persophone, the Greek symbol (asteroid) of Kidnapping and rape.
    Here is a part of the mythological story and why we see today, Persophone as the symbol in the charts when a young girl is missing, as both adbuction and rape:

    Excerpted from link:

    After asking for (and receiving) her father's approval for Persephone's hand in marriage, Hades simply abducted her one bright sunny day when she stooped to pluck a narcissus from a field of wildflowers near her home. The meadow was suddenly rent open, and Hades simply reached out and snatched Persephone away, taking her to his underworld kingdom and making her his queen. Although the young goddess Persephone grew to love Hades, she remained lonely for her mother and the life she'd known on earth.

    Her mother, the goddess Demeter, had heard Persephone's screams when Hades grabbed her. She began an intensive search for Persephone. After learning how Zeus had betrayed their daughter, and consumed by grief and sorrow, Demeter demonstrated her outrage by withholding her blessing from the earth until Persephone was returned to her. Droughts ensued, and the earth lay barren. Mankind was facing a major famine. Zeus finally relented and sent the god Hermes to bring the young goddess Persephone back to her mother.

    Part of Persephone missed her mother horribly, but another part had grown rather fond of the god Hades

    Note: See Persophone near the I/C or 4th house cusp and within one degree, very close to this cusp telling us that at home, the home of the discovery event, they realized this little girl was kidnapped or taken by a man.

    Note: Persophone Trines (is in harmony) with Pluto (death and destruction)and Trines Mercury both found in the 12th house of confinement, and woeful containment - a prison as it were.., and both in the same degree or 4Capricorn. It rather reminds me of the entire myth when you think about it after reading the link. In simple terms its pointing to saying that the event itself, was in harmony with taking of the child.

    "Hades, god of the underworld kidnaps Persophone daughter of Zeus and Demeter(Ceres) - takes her to the underworld.
    Who comes to rescue her but Hermes, (aka Mercury)...and she is eventually reunited with her family again.

    Moving on...we see that the Ascendent of this chart is Capricorn, in the very critical 13th degree, which makes Saturn it's ruler of the sign, found exalted in Libra in the 9th house, the death that is discovered by the LE.

    This then, the event itself in a public house of discovery.

    Saturn squares the Ascendent, and Squares (but hard to see) TORO sitting there next to the Ascendent, at 12 degrees Capricorn. (TORO=Violence, rage, aggression and brutality) So we can be rather certain what went down in that house by seeing this square to Toro and the ASC.
    Looking back at the planet Saturn, (the dead body), we see that Moira (the asteroid depicting death) is conjunct to Venus as Venus entered into Scorpio, conj. to Atropos (anther indicator of death) Venus is the child as the 5th house if ruled by this planet although indicating a very critical degree for fixed star Alcoyne.
    Venus is opposed to Persophone,....who is kidnapped.

    Perhaps Venus then is Tina, although I'd think it could be indicative of the child too.

    I'm seeing J.Easley as the Sun in Sagittarius, as Vesta the virgin and the cusp of the 11th is 29Scorpio - a very critical life and death sign and degree, a crisis that took place to steal away the virginal one.
    We can also see the Sun in SAG, as the event itself that took place, and the Moon in the 12th as the ruler of the 7th of the opponent, or attacker.

    Nothing good ever comes out of the 12th house, for it's part of the underworld, that which is not seeing the light of day. Saturn the planet of woe and karma is said to find it's Joy here, and the 12th house is called the House of Bad Daemon. Isolation, self-undoing and hidden enemies all find their home here in the 12th house.
    "The Greek word moira (μοῖρα) literally means a part or portion, and by extension one's portion in life or destiny.
    They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death."


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    New Information in Murder of Tina Smith

    Posted: Dec 14, 2010 3:06 PM EST

    Roanoke County police have searched a duplex in the Mount Pleasant section of Roanoke looking for items related to the killing of Tina Smith.

    In the search warrant filed in Roanoke Circuit Court, investigators say that Jeff Easley sold his red Chevy SUV to Adam McElvy, of Roanoke, in the evening hours of December 3- the same night police believe Tina Smith was killed.

    The warrant shows that a flat screen TV, a Wii gaming system, a DVD player and DVDs were missing from the Smith home. All those items were noticed missing by a family member and described to police by an informant who stated similar items were in Easely's SUV when McElvey bought the vehicle.

    During a police interview December 3, McElvy did not mention meeting up with Easley and Smith. Police also say that statements from McElvy and a girlfriend were "inconsistent."

    In the search warrant, investigators wrote that the information provided by the informant, the inconsistent statements by McElvy and his friend, plus the fact that McElvy was with Easley "near the crime scene and within the time parameters (of the killing) "leads investigators to believe McElvy "could have assisted in the murder" of Tina Smith.

    Investigators say he is not a suspect or a person of interest, although authorities say they haven't ruled anyone out yet

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    Is this court hearing, an event worthy chart?

    Brittany Smith update: Easley's abduction charge advances to grand jury

    Some things of interest from the article:

    Brittany Smith did not testify during the 30-minute preliminary hearing.

    Brittany Smith's father, Ben Smith, testified that he had joint custody of his daughter and that he had not given permission for Easley to take his daughter anywhere.

    Defense Attorney Tom Roe, however, asked Ben Smith if there had been a protective order issued against him last year prohibiting him from having contact with Brittany. "Yes," he said.

    The protective order had been lifted by the time of his daughter's disappearance, he said. "I could have contact with her at that time."

    Ben Smith also said he had been placed on administrative leave from his job as a police officer in South Boston for a period before Dec. 3. He did not explain why.

    Much thanks, everyone! I am always fascinated when I read these threads. Yours is a talent that simply amazes me. Your dedication and time put into these cases is truly appreciated.

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