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    Unhappy 600 pound man dies when rescue workers cannot remove him from home

    A 47-year-old Waterbury man has died despite efforts by firefighters to try to get the 600-pound man out of his bedroom.

    Librio Ricci died yesterday after a two-hour rescue effort.

    Firefighters had been called to his home after getting a report of a man having difficulty breathing.

    Firefighters and paramedics were unable to get Ricci out of his room because he weighed more than 600 pounds and would not fit through the doorways or around the turn in the stairwell on a stretcher.

    Firefighters did use the front door as a makeshift stretcher. However, they had to cut out the bedroom window over the front porch and use the extension ladder from a fire truck as a winch to lower Ricci to a waiting ambulance.


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    Very sad.....

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    Another reason why excess weight is hazardous to your health. I bet nobody really ever thought of that one....
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    WOW! I ran into an old neighbor of mine {he wasn't old} last week and I was in shock! He lost 210lbs! He had part of his stomach removed, or whatever that surgery is, I didn't really pay much attention when he was describing the procedure because I just stared at him in amazment. He is a doctor no less. It sounds like this guy should have had the same surgery.

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