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    WA - Frank Kuony, 36, stabbed to death, Seattle, 14 February 1983

    He was arrested in Florida.


    NEW PORT RICHEY — If John Wayne Folds is what deputies say he is, a killer, then he's been on the lam for 27 years.

    The 45-year-old self-employed painter was arrested Tuesday morning at his home on Jenner Drive and charged with murdering a man in Seattle in 1983. The cold case squad at the King County Sheriff's Office got a DNA hit on evidence left at the scene, which led them to Folds.

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    from the article linked above:

    It's strange for M.J. Griffith to talk about her brother because she rarely has since he died. Her parents shut down at any mention of Frank Kuony Jr., so Griffith learned to not speak his name.

    "With his passing, a large chunk of the family was gone," said Griffith, who lives in California.

    It was just the two siblings. He was the eldest and the star of the family, she said. He was handsome and successful and popular.

    "My brother was the light of my mother's life," she said. "She never was the same afterward."

    Her mother died in April 2008. After that, her father dug out all of the photos of Kuony that had been stashed away for all those years and had them enlarged, along with photos of his late wife, and put them on the mantle.

    "He stared at them for six months," Griffith said.

    Her father died in September 2008. On the table next to his chair was a file with all of the old newspaper clippings about Kuony's murder.

    Griffith is thankful there's been an arrest. She just believes it's two years too late.

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    From August 2013:


    Folds pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the first degree and entered a plea under North Carolina v. Alford) for attempted theft in the first degree...

    The court sentenced Mr. Folds to a minimum term of 114 months on the manslaughter count and 4.5 months on the attempted theft count, to be served concurrently.

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