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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxychic1982 View Post
    The one that says "Maxine" on her nametag, which is what I read too, also is a chili, so with this and the uniform, its clear she worked at a Chili restaurant in the area?
    Maxine has been removed from the LAPD updated poster so I'm assuming that she's been identified.

    The woman with sunglasses and a blue shirt in photo 49 is still there although she was photographed with the young girl in 48 who has apparently been identified.

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    On Ms. D. Johnson N.A. another clue is her nursing hat. At that time the hats were a big thing. The black band and where the band was placed on the hat helped to identify the school that she was attending/graduated from.

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    Photo No. 105

    Wendy Jamie Abrams-Nishikai
    Missing since October 31, 1989 from Berkeley, Alameda County, California.
    Classification: Missing

    Vital Statistics

    Date Of Birth: January 15, 1968
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 21 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'2; 120 lbs
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Black hair; brown eyes.
    Dentals: Available

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Abrams-Nishikai was last seen on October 31, 1989 in Berkeley, California.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Does anyone know where I can find an update of the photos still unidentified?

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    LAPD renews call for help in Grim Sleeper case
    November 2, 2011

    Last year, police published the faces of the roughly 180 women. They are still trying to identify 48 of them.
    Police have made the strategic decision not to seek additional criminal charges from prosecutors in the new cases. That move was criticized by Franklin's attorney, Louisa Pensanti, who said it does not allow her client to defend himself against the allegations
    Here are the still unidentified photos.

    An updated pdf flyer is available at http://www.lapdonline.org/

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    I think it's so weird that the picture of the white lady with the wavy red hair has not been identified when the little girl that was in the picture with her was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tatertot View Post
    Is the woman in this video screenshot Maxine, the Taco Bell employee? The woman in the video has a freckle over her right eyebrow (viewer's left) and in her profile photo, Maxine appears to have one as well. Likewise, both have a dark spot about an inch above the inner edge of their left eyebrow (viewer's right) unless the spot on the woman in the video is just static from bad picture quality. They also both have widely-spaced front teeth.

    I don't think the video and photos are the same girl.

    The middle upper teeth of the girl in the video has a gap between two front teeth while the girl in the picture does not have the gap between her teeth.

    Maybe the video was made first before her gap was fixed... but i could be wrong. Both girls have the same face features and the same face size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donjeta View Post
    Ms. 92 on the left and Ingrid Siomara Contreras on the right.
    [Images snipped]
    She is missing from LA since 2001 and the resemblance struck me but the teeth might be wrong? I could see some similarity in a couple of other photos as well.
    92 is not in the final forty-something on the LAPD poster, so that person's ID is now known to somebody. Not sure what it means regarding this possible match. For what it's worth, it sure looks like her to me.

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    I was sitting here looking through all of the pictures here -


    I don't know all of the details on this case so I don't know if it fits with the time frame but to me...

    #38 looks like - http://charleyproject.org/cases/j/johnson_sheila.html

    and I saw some talk about the nurse (photo #166) but I believe it could be -


    I know that some people don't think the nurse is Deretha Johnson but I see similarities in their facial features and the eyebrows are the same.

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    Summers are short here...

    This is the first I have ever heard of this case/Killer

    Like everyone I too have been searching and comparing photos with missing women.
    I had no idea it was such a decades type of serial killing spree.

    I thought number #105 might be Doe Network case #2660DFCA ?

    Sorry no link

    also Doe Network #15999DFCA looks like one of the photos but I have to go through them again.
    Can't seem to find a thumbnails webpage to review?
    Anyone able to find a webpage with thumbnails?
    It would help .
    During his LULL as it is called could he have been driving to another state?
    He may have murdered many women as he went through each state?
    What did he do for a living?
    I did notice his white van in some pics had a lot of the interior removed?
    And has black seats/seat covers.
    This is a NEW case to me.
    Just catching up on the details today.

    #789UMCO unidentified found The victim was discovered on September 8, 2004 in the Flat Tops, White River National Forest, Garfield County, Colorado
    Estimated Date of Death: No longer than 5 years prior to discovery he left a note to "LIB"
    PLEASE HELP me find out who this unidentified person is so he can be buried rightfully near his family...


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