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    IKEA Grand Opening... 2 dead

    IKEA Regrets Fatal Stampede

    JEDDAH, 3 September 2004 — The management of IKEA has expressed its sorrow for the fatal incident that took place during the opening of its new showroom in Jeddah on Wednesday morning.

    “The management of IKEA Saudi Arabia expresses deep sorrow over the tragic incident that occurred at the opening hours of Jeddah’s new showroom and conveys its sympathies and condolences to the families of the dead,” an IKEA statement said yesterday.

    The management said quoting police reports that only two men were killed in the stampede outside the showroom. The dead have been identified as Ahmed Mattar Al-Zahrani, a 33-year-old Saudi teacher, and Khaled Abdullah Bamahmoud, a27 -year-old Yemeni laborer.

    Yesterday’s report, which mentioned the number of dead as three, was based on information given by a Saudi Red Crescent source. Sixteen other shoppers received treatment for their injuries and were discharged from hospitals. Three fatigue cases at the stampede were treated on the spot.

    The Swedish furniture showroom presented a scene of hectic activity on the second day of its opening with continuous streams of shoppers, especially families, yesterday. “I know something happened here, but I don’t care and want to see what’s new,” said Ahmed Abu Nasser, a40 -yar-old Saudi business executive, who was there with his family.

    The IKEA management was busy throughout yesterday further streamlining its safety and security procedures. A senior management executive showed the steel barricade that was placed at the showroom’s main entrance to regulate the queue, which had been reduced to pieces in the stampede.

    “As the main door opened around 9 a.m., an hour before the scheduled time because of the swelling crowd, those standing toward the end of the queue caused the stampede by pushing their way toward the main entrance,” Amin M. Jamal, executive vice president of IKEA-Ghassan Ahmed AlSulaiman Co. Ltd., told Arab News.

    “People at the tail end of the crowd turned ‘adventurous’ when they found there were no prospects of getting close to the door. They pushed their way by jumping over others in front and even trampling upon those who lost their balance and lay on the ground,” Jamal said.


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    Gosh, I love IKEA but I wouldn't stampede for anything they sell......okay....maybe during their 50% off sales and no sales days ..

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    These people really need a life....
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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