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    TX - Floyd Thompson, 75, killed his entire family, Livingston, 2 Sept 2004

    LIVINGSTON, Texas -- Neighbors of a man arrested for the shooting deaths of four of his family members described an individual who became isolated and disheveled in the months after his wife moved out of their home and asked for a divorce after 51 years of marriage.

    The bodies were found Thursday in a burning mobile home after the man surrendered to authorities.

    Joann and Harold Struthers were neighbors of the couple for 17 years at the Escapees RV Club, a trailer park about 75 miles northeast of Houston in the wooded outskirts of Livingston.While the RV park has sites for individuals who can rent by the night or week, most of the lots are owned by individuals, many retirees, who live for years in either homes they construct or in mobile homes."

    This is a very quiet community," said Joann Struthers. The couple "never argued, never yelled. I was crying after learning what happened. They were dear people."

    Polk County Sheriff Billy Ray Nelson said the man, who is in his 70s, surrendered to deputies Thursday afternoon, saying he had shot his family."When he turned himself in he showed no signs of remorse," Nelson said. "He was very calm. He just wanted to report it."


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    From Dec 2004:


    On Wednesday, in a Polk County district courtroom, Thompson, 76, pleaded guilty to four counts of capital murder...

    Betty Thompson, 74, suffered from a number of ailments. She was recovering from heart surgery and a double knee replacement, operations her family said she did not have the nerve to undergo until the Saads came to East Texas. Family recalled her as a docile woman whose own personality began to take wing only after she left Thompson in May.

    That departure, from the defense's perspective, led to the September murders. When the Saads arrived, they started pulling Betty away from her husband... To complicate things, Saad had just gotten a new defense-related job in Alaska, and he was taking the whole family there, including Betty.
    Sentenced to two life terms:


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