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    115 Chihuahuas seized from dog lady

    9-2-04 - Animal rescuers discovered more than 100 Chihuahuas living inside a Fannin County home on Thursday. The 115 dogs were packed into a 3-bedroom home in Honey Grove where they suffered from severe flea allergies, malnourishment, and injuries from biting one another.

    A woman who stopped by the home last week alerted Bonham animal control officials to the case. They tried to inspect the home on Tuesday but the owner, Linda Crossland, wouldn’t allow them inside. By Thursday, animal control returned with the SPCA and a search warrant. They found the dogs inside, and the 48-year-old owner living outside in her car.

    Video from inside the house showed that the dogs had taken over the house. In some cases, newspapers and junk was stacked to the ceiling.


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    My mil was given a Chihauhua a few yrs ago......it was really sick and died 3 months after she received it. I always wondered how the breeder took care of the puppies. They gave her a new one and my mil never questioned why the first dog was so sick.

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    Its pretty sad when someone gets so many animals that they can't take care of them. Their houses seem to become a mess and then they are trapped. Too bad that lady didn't ask for help earlier.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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