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    Thumbs up How Not to Wreck a Nonstick Pan

    I didn't know MOST of this information about non-stick pans! I think I only knew about not using metal tools:


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    Ok so now I know why my non-stick pans never last very long. Thanks for posting this

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    I HATE non stick pans! Give me a well seasoned cast iron pan anyday!

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    I emailed it to mr. zig - we always go round and round about not puttin those pans in the dishwasher along with my good knives!

    I wonder if that coating is bad for you. I would prefer cast iron skillet too...if I had some! Hey Santa...
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    Non-sticks are good for pancakes, eggs, etc...

    Cast iron can be found at your local thrift store, estate sales, yard sales for cheap! Cheaper than the hardware store or Walmart.

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    Grandma type of cast iron can be found at flea markets and garage sales..........just reseason them.
    The coating on non stick if it flakes off can hurt you, saw that on DR.OZ.

    My solution to all of this, I just won't cook anymore!!! LOL
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    A certain person in my family won't cook unless there's nonstick cookware, and that, that spray. It's a good trade for me, to concede on this, in order to not have to be the family kitchen manager, chief cook and bottle washer.

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    I only used teflon or non stick pans very briefly and they still scratched even with careful use of the right utensils. The coating is supposedly bad for a person. I have 2 small, 2 large, and 1 cast iron pot with a lid and they're great to cook with. They last for years. My skillets are very old and actually made in the U.S.

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