I feel as if I must have typed the word "former" into hundreds of thread headings. One fall from grace after another. And these are just those in the "helping professions". For every one of these guys, there is a former great dad, accountant, road crew worker, manicurist, etc. People aren't retiring from their professional posts, they're being convicted. Hopefully, the younger generation is picking up the slack and learning some hard lessons.

I wonder if any studies have been recently done on just how these professionals are faring at the state and federal prisons.



"Christopher Butler, a former lieutenant colonel whose most recent duty title was Provost Marshal of the 10th Mountain Division, was sentenced Wednesday in federal court following his convictions for transporting child pornography in interstate and foreign commerce and knowingly possessing child pornography.

The 44 year old Fort Drum man pleaded guilty to the crimes in August of this year.

He admitted that in October 2008, while he was deployed in Iraq, he used the screen name "daddiesformommies" and sent images of child pornography via the Internet to an undercover special agent of the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement...."


"....Butler was sentenced to concurrent terms of imprisonment of 70 months on each of the crimes of conviction, with 25 years of supervised release to follow. Butler will also be required to register as a sex offender...."

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