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    Video of Hasanni walking

    A video was released of the last known video of Hasanni the Thursday before he went missing ... at a Walmart. Have looked at this video again, and Hasanni did not appear to have many difficulties walking and keeping pace with JC or LR.

    And doing a bump for little man .... another Christmas little one ... thinking of you.

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    Thank you. I'm still praying Hasanni will be found and someone prosecuted.
    Rest in Peace
    Joey, Summer, Gianni & Joseph Mateo

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    elepher and panthera we have been watching and waiting for Hasanni for too long haven't we?

    Not complaining, I know that you both as well as others here will be here as long as it takes--waiting and watching.

    I think of him often and hope that he is found. Yes, Panthera that someone pays for what was done to him too.

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    I haven't been posting here, but read every time there is something new. Still hoping and praying for this little guy and for justice.

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