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    Quote Originally Posted by SheWhoMustNotBeNamed View Post
    New thread coming up!!! Be sure to save/copy your post so you don't lose it when this gets locked!

    If there's any important links that should be included (regarding the arrest, etc.) please let me know and I'll include it in the OP.
    can you include the link to Channel 2 live stream that was posted upthread?

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    Where is Rachel Cooke? Missing since 10-Jan-2002
    Rachel's thread - WS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starwynn View Post
    Possible, but how did the woman get into the house? How is it that the stepdad was there just 15 minutes before these people were there? Did they have something against him? Is that why the mom moved into a different apartment, because stepdad had something going on, and threats? Drug money owed? Deals not completed? She tried to distance herself, they following him there to find out a way they could show him they meant business thinking he'd be effected by the boy's disappearance? There are still a LOT of possibilities, too many to even grasp really.

    Sounds like they're getting to the bottom of it at least. At least, let's hope they get ALL the parties involved.
    If he was being stalked by a predator or predatory couple, they might well have been spying on him to that extent. They might have known the stepfather was checking on him periodically and timed their move right after his visit.
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    Hmmm. Maybe a possible scenario? I'm wondering if maybe the babysister was with the stepdad and Jonathon caught them. Jonathon picked up the phone to call her mom, babysitter over heard Jonathan say? Can I speak to Angela please, the babysitter (who might have a raspy voice) than might have said, Angela your mom than took the phone from Jonathan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sherbetjello View Post
    Predators watch, that's what they are good at - and that's what scares the living daylights out of me.
    This is exactly right, and it makes it easier for them when people have a regular routine they follow everyday, makes them predictable.

    Like for instance mom leaving for work everyday at a certain time, returning home at a certain time, and leaving the child at home by himself.

    Or people who jog, or walk the same time, the same way everyday very vunerable if someone has bad intentions....
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    I am on edge waiting for the new thread for some reason....argh

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    Brainstorming - please do NOT read completely if you might find something disturbing - be forewarned:
    SD goes to the house and checks on the kid because mom's at work. Woman and man figure out where the new apartment is. Woman goes to it, because a kid is a lot less likely to sense 'stranger-danger' from a woman than a huge man. Perhaps she tells him something to get him to let her in. Maybe she tells him to call her mom for some reason (so that mom knows what's going down - part of the threat being carried out). She calls back, which is why the woman answers - she's not afraid really of mom knowing who she is and that she's there because this is a threat being completed.

    That could technically be why:
    a) mom seems tweaky.
    b) mom seems to be covering things up - things more important than a lack of babysitter.
    c) mom is trying to protect her own life; these people mean business. (or maybe she thinks they could still be holding her son, and might kill him if she squeals)
    d) body is burned - to cover for the perps, but make something so horrible that the mom/sd KNOW not to 'disrespect' (can't find a better word) the perps again.
    e) mom can't keep her stories straight
    f) SD is trying to throw people off track.

    Maybe clothes picked up at a NE home are clothes taken from the boy (to keep him from being identified) before his body was burned.

    Again, this is just brainstorming based on what seem to be the most concrete facts we have so far, and some observations about the parents that may be right - or may be completely out-of-this-world wrong. Throwing things to see what sticks. That is all. But I still feel that drugs are part of this, even if passively on the part of the mom. She has herself a world of mess on her hands. I really do hope in my heart that she's completely innocent of active involvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salvarenga View Post
    Please don't take offense to this but maybe that's just what she said to cover her own self for telling the lie about the babysitter to begin with.
    None taken, until this nightmare is over we don't know who is involved or has info - only the police do. And I am sure she was told that by the LE, I was told by someone who was there. I think they were trying to scare her and it worked - not to defend anyone but I think she panicked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurfieTX View Post
    No. They showed a man getting into a car and stated that he was being brought in for questioning. Then, they panned over to what looked like a back door to a house and showed 1 or 2 officers walking out with some items in their hands. The broadcaster said that they had just executed the search warrant and were taking some items.
    Am really wondering now if LE found something on the computer that they took yesterday.....Hmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberry View Post
    That's what I was thinking as well..
    I just hate to put it out there. I hope I didn't offend anyone but whenever I hear about kids living with their grandparents...especially if they still have living parents(which Jonathan did until November) HUGE red flags go up...HUGE. JMO. Sorry if in thinking or in putting this out there I upset anyone.

    But according to chron.com (The Houston Chronicle website) the timeline is Jonathan was living with his grandmother until November. Moves in with mom and stepdad. Mom and stepdad were having problems. Jonathan goes missing. Mom says things to LE that appear to be untruthful. Perhaps covering for something else...?

    My gut says drugs. JMO.

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    Please continue here:

    [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5942708"]TX TX - Jonathan Foster, 12, Houston, 24 Dec 2010 - #4 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

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