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    TX - Jonathan Foster, 12, Houston, 24 Dec 2010 - #5

    Jonathan Foster, age 12, was last seen in the area of N. Shepherd & 43rd on December 24, 2010 @ about 1:45 p.m. Jonathan has a very visible overbite. He was last known to be wearing a tan colored t-shirt with musical notes and a guitar printed on it. He was also wearing blue jeans and black & white tennis shoes with a red stripe. Jonathan has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 4'7" tall and weighs about 85 pounds.

    If you have seen Jonathan, have information … or know of his whereabouts, please contact the Houston Police Department @ (713) 731-5223 – or Texas EquuSearch @ (281) 309-9500.

    Please continue here.

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    [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5942456"]Information & Support[/ame]

    Channel 2 LIVE STREAM
    - http://www.click2houston.com/video/10903347/index.html

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    REMEMBER - There is to be NO sleuthing of Jonathan's family at this time. If anyone is named as a POI or suspect, ONLY THEN may they be sleuthed. (This includes our current suspect. WAIT until she is named before posting information.)

    DO NOT speculate on the suspect's sex or gender. She has been named as a woman.

    DO NOT post something saying "I think this is the same person..." with a link. If you don't know if it is the correct person, do not post it!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    May the truth about Jonathan's disappearance come to light soon.

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    Sheesh that was sudden! I was saying I agreed that I'm not too worried about throwing an RSO under the bus. Unless I would get banned.

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    Any updates on what Stormy is seeing?

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    A caretaker in the neighborhood apparently just heard some news from a channel 2 news reporter and began crying. Told Stormy that he knew Jonathan. She is chatting with him now. Will keep yall updated.

    And she said HI!

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    Ah yeah, POI 40's, and RSO not. Weird coincidence.

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    Great job on the new thread-start, SheWhoMustNotBeNamed. Thanks for all the links.

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    Can someone repost the LE vehicles leaving the home of the woman taken by LE earlier today? The color of the home (peach) and the color of the address just posted of the RO are the same. I have a feeling... The road signs that we were trying to read may show up in street view now. JMO

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    wait I fell asleep!!! whose stormy please???
    QQQQQQQQQQ~nightmare the cat

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    One female reporter, local station, in the rain, at apartment complex, said a woman suspect was arrested & taken from there.

    I am still saying white tshirt woman who left home in another place with plainclothes cops was not THAT ARRESTED person, I have no speculation about her involvement & what was taken from the home in brown bags & loaded into cops car, but I think it is SOP everywhere for a person who has been arrested to be handcuffed before transport & maybe even an auto with divider between seats..... otherwise cops could be zonked from backseat. Tshirt woman may have been detained or arrested later..... And the link to LLD on RSO page says 5'5", 190lbs. I think tshirt woman was taller & perhaps heavier.

    Some people are coming home from work & checking in for updates; who else like me, has spent the entire day right here expecting to have known a lot more by now? ( I haven't even dressed today.) I am so glad Jonathan's aunt shared the photos of happy days. Bless his little heart!
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    Well here is some information:

    Angela Davis also knew that police had a suspect in custody, a woman she knew only as "Mona," and who she’d met only once before, on the night of Jonathan’s disappearance, she said.

    The woman was friends with her roommate and Jonathan’s frequent babysitter, Sharon Ennamorato.

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    Per video, source close to case---woman being questioned is in her 40s; she is now said to be cooperating; same source is confident she will likely be charged in JFs disappearance and murder.

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    Cant clean now... the mom said she met the one taken in on the evening of the disappearance. And that she knows her as Mona.


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    myfoxhouston states the the POI is in her 40s. The RSO is 28.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elepher50 View Post
    So after kidnapping or whatever she did to Jonathan, she goes back and meets his mom for the first time?

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    From Kimster on the previous thread:
    Be sure to read Tricia's link about sleuthing RSOs. There are guidelines.
    Okay - just read every word. Still have questions but many have been clarified.
    Fly high and free, Jhessye ~

    My posts are meant to help think through possibilities and are strictly an additional opinion under circumstances when many points of view need to be considered. I apologize in advance to anyone whose potential involvement is contemplated in error. Please understand that much of what is happening is merely brainstorming during unfortunate events.

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