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    Groom used socks as eyebrows

    A groom had to stick bits of sock over his eyes after friends shaved his eyebrows off during his stag night.

    Steve Simpson, 27, from Sheffield, unpicked threads from an old black sock and glued them to his face after the prank.

    His bride Alison Ward had no idea what happened until she saw him at the church and his eyebrows moved when he spoke, says The Sun.

    "I could have killed him - he looked like Groucho Marx. But I see the funny side now," she said.

    Steve said he didn't believe he'd get away with using the sock.

    His eyebrows grew back during their honeymoon


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    Aha! Ha!! I am originally from near Sheffield and this doen't suprise me one bit!!

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    To me, this is not funny. Weddings are a big deal and cost alot of money. I would not have been a very good sport about it.

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    Mad as cheese up north, welcome to a fellow Brit Emma

    'England confides that every man will do his duty'".

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    They will have attractive wedding photos ......

    Why didn't he tell his Mum? Women have been penciling in brows for decades

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