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    TX - Jesse Ramirez, 33, bludgeoned to death, San Antonio, 30 Dec 2010

    Man is slain with a shovel

    Holding the weapon he'd already used to beat the man to the ground, the killer stood over his lifeless body and drove the front end of the large shovel at the man's head again and again, a police report states.

    When done, he threw the shovel into the bed of his truck and left.

    Police issued a murder warrant late Thursday for Gabriel Reyes Castillo, 33, and are searching for him.
    The victim, a man in his 30s, was declared dead just after 6 a.m. Thursday. His body was sprawled on the sidewalk in the 2500 block of Clara Lane, in front of the apartment where he was attacked while trying to protect a woman who lived there, a police report says.
    Police initially were sent to the apartment on an assault call before 6 a.m., the report said.

    The woman and the victim were in her apartment when they heard banging at the door. A man kicked in the door and began arguing with them, police said.
    When the woman told the man to leave, he refused and became “increasingly hostile,” the report said. Fearing that the woman might be hurt, the man with her punched the intruder in the face.

    The intruder left and returned “a short time later” carrying the shovel, police said. He began another fight and struck the victim in the head and face multiple times until he fell down, the report states.
    more at

    SAPD: Boyfriend's head bashed in, suspect flees with shovel

    short article w/video at

    SAFD were called in to clear the blood (etc.) from the area by spraying off the pavement; that attempt failed and HAZMAT workers had to be called in to complete the task.

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    OMG. This poor man. His poor family. He tried to do the right thing and protect this woman. I feel so badly for his family right now.

    I hope they find this killer and throw the book at him. What does it take to DO that to another human?
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    How very, very sad. What kind of lunatic does that? How angry could you be?

    My grandpop was murdered during a robbery. When they started pushing around the only one woman present and ripping her jewelry from her he came at them and told the punks to leave her alone. They shot him with a sawed off shotgun. That poor lady never, ever again was right. Needless to say neither was my mom's family. She was just a pre-teen then.

    May that poor man rest in peace and those left to suffer find some kind of peace.

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    Officials ID man beaten to death with shovel

    A man beaten to death with a shovel Thursday morning has been identified as Jesse Ramirez, 33, according to the Bexar County medical examiner's office.

    Ramirez was at a woman's apartment in the 2500 block of Clara Lane when just before 6 a.m. a man kicked in the door and began arguing with her, a police report said.

    Police have identified that man as 33-year-old Gabriel Reyes Castillo or just Gabriel Reyes.
    Police issued a murder warrant for Castillo late Thursday. He is considered armed and dangerous, officials said.


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    What is going on in Texas????!!!!

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    What a horrible way to die. So barbaric.

    Bless this man and his family.

    This is so tragic.

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    Man arrested in shovel beating death

    Authorities on Tuesday arrested Gabriel Reyes Castillo and charged him with killing a man by repeatedly beating him in the head and face with a shovel.

    Castillo, 33, was arrested without incident by the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force at an East Side residence around 4 p.m., according to a news release from the San Antonio Police Department. He faced one charge of murder, according to police.

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    From March 2013:


    An ex-con received a 45-year prison sentence Thursday for kicking in the door to his ex-girlfriend's apartment in the middle of the night, then using a shovel to beat her male houseguest to death.

    Gabriel Reyes Castillo's sentence was probably too light, state District Judge Angus McGinty suggested after paging through gruesome photos of victim Jesse Ramirez's unidentifiable face. McGinty made sure that Ramirez's family was on board with the plea agreement, which called for the judge to determine a sentence between 15 and 45 years.

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