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    Quote Originally Posted by BeanE View Post
    She was even 'chatty', according to the one detective. She says she was driving around listening to music as she sought a dumping spot for his body.

    Some killers, particularly serials, get an excited high after they kill. Celebrating what they've done. I'm afraid that's the type she is. This may have been her 'masterpiece', and it may have taken her days to come down off her high from her 'accomplishment'.

    This is one scary lady.
    She ain't no lady

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dear Prudence View Post
    I'm not buying it all either. Here's what she claims:

    She said he paid her $20, and she didn't know what was inside because she was drunk on vodka.

    She told us she randomly chose a ditch in northeast Houston because she said, "I was basically just drunk and driving and listening to music."

    "I didn't know what was in it until they were showing me pictures in the interrogation room," Nelson said.

    She didn't just deny murdering Jonathan, she denied that she burned him, she denied even knowing it was a child's body she dumped. There is proof he was burned in her home, so if we're to believe her story, then does she expect us to believe someone used her house, her equipment to murder Jonathan and then attempted to clean up, then give the body to her to dispose? It's so ridiculous.

    She said she had no idea what was in it (the imaginary container) until they showed her pictures. THEY SHOWED HER PICTURES of Jonathan's maimed, tortured and burned body and she showed no reaction, no remorse, her eyes were dead. That is not a normal reaction for someone unjustly accused to such horror.
    She is either mentally and criminally deranged sociopath who doesn't have the capacity to comprehend what she did was wrong or even remember it in her "blackout" or has incredibly low IQ to believe that seasoned LE would even believe that line of bs as a valid excuse. Drug addictions, low IQ and rage/violence is a deadly combination.
    Other option is she suffered permanent and severe frontal lobe damage from abuse and boxing that causes her to diminished mental capacity and prone to outbursts of frustration and rage at the drop of the hat.
    I would love if they could give drug tests, IQ tests and other mental health tests. I think it could help to answer some questions we have.

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    I'm opening a new thread and closing this one. Be aware so you don't lose any posts!


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    Quote Originally Posted by x_files View Post
    This makes me wonder, if it is common for people to slip her a twenty and ask them to drop off mysterious containers?
    If it was legit wouldn't she have dropped it off at the dump legally?
    Makes you wonder what world she lived in that being asked to do dirty deeds for a simple $20 on Christmas Eve is a norm for her.
    Would an average person do this kind of chore for someone else?
    If so why didn't she see or smell a burned body?
    How drunk do you have to be not to notice?
    Unless somehow this wasn't that odd to her in the first place.
    For folks without a truck, it's not unusual to pay someone to haul large trash items. Over the years, I've paid handymen or yardmen to take big discarded items from the garage or attic to the dump. Our city sanitation trucks will do it now, but they didn't in the past. As an apartment building maintenance person, it was probably routine for MN. Tenants move out and leave stuff behind, and the manager has to get rid of it. So, I don't see anything out of the norm about that part of her story. The rest of it is pure BS, imo.

    For that matter, if it was a trash can, why would it have to be dumped, anyway? Couldn't it have been set out by the curb? And yes, it would have smelled, and I would imagine, been pretty hot.

    Always give generously of yourself to support your beliefs. And when you're knocked down, give more.

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    Concerned, Davis said she called her home phone repeatedly as she drove there.

    She said an unknown woman finally answered around 2 p.m. just minutes before she made it back to the apartment.

    snipped by me....
    At the risk of being shunned....this is just one of those things with the timeline that has me confused. Supposedly Jonathan was not alone at 1:45. SD was with him. So wouldn't the SD have been there while Mom was driving home and repeatedly calling the house?

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    Please continue here: [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5954863#post5954863"]Found Deceased TX-Jonathan Foster, 12, Houston, 24 Dec 2010 -Mona Nelson charged with Murder - #10 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

    Please read the opening post on Thread 10 - you will be responsible for knowing and understanding what it says.

    Thank you,


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    Quote Originally Posted by oceanblueeyes View Post
    I think the tale about her being drunk of Vodka was just another lie she told. Like trying to say 'I was so drunk I am not responsible.'

    I agree with you. I think she was high from the thrill she got when she tortured and murdered him.

    I agree she said she was drunk to have an excuse to give vague answers to LE. However, I would not be surprised if she was drinking - more celebration, and perhaps some courage in a bottle to do what she was about to do to Jonathan. Or perhaps a few drinks just to pass the time while she did her deed.

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