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    Question "go to first new post" pointer and "New Posts" don't always work

    I typically have a tab open with UserCP or Subscribed Threads, and read those threads from there.

    On another tab, I typically have New Posts or Today's Posts, and read the non-subscribed threads from there.

    The "go to first new post" pointer for threads does not always go to the first new post, and I often scroll back on the thread and see unread posts. IOW, new posts have been skipped by the "go to first new post" pointer.

    Also, it seems that periodically (several times during the day), something is reset causing "New Posts" to only go back to a certain time, but not further back (even though I know I didn't read everything before that time, and even though the previous "New Posts" went back further in time). Could this be happening by the process that keeps us logged in (and keeps updating the "you last visited" date/time)?

    I'd just like to understand , and if it's something that can be adjusted, that'd be great. Not being able to go far enough back on "New Posts" necessitates going to specific forums to look for new threads/posts. And I'd like to be able to rely on the "go to first new post" pointer so I wouldn't miss posts or have to scroll back to make sure no posts were skipped.

    I've pretty much replaced New Posts with Today's Posts, but that only works if you log on every day (or for the threads that get frequent posts).

    Can this be an anomaly about using multiple browser tabs on WS? (say it ain't so!)

    TIA for any info!
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    Thank you, adnoid. That's what I do, too (with the exception of recently also using a tab for Today's Posts, which of course does not indicate which threads have been read).

    My main concern is the missed posts. At least there's a work-around, by scrolling back, but sometimes that entails clicking to previous page(s), too.

    My other concern is missing a Mod post regarding changed posting rules, mid-thread. I can see that someone might get a timeout (or even be banned) after never having the Mod post presented to them.

    Sure, most (if not all) of us skip pages and skip/skim posts purely due to time constraints and volume of posts on the more "popular" cases and threads. But it would be nice if that feature (user level) could be implemented.

    I was hoping that it was a bug. I've been a member of other boards that do use this feature and it's great (for the members).

    Thanks for the info!

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