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    VA Lawmakers consider anti-bullying legislation

    I just read this article, & hope this comes to fruition! Go Virginia!


    "Legislators are really hearing from their community, and it's not just in Chesterfield County, it's across Virginia and across the country, and what they want to do is put in place some real consistent goals as far as addressing and preventing bullying but in terms of clear consequences across the board," he said.
    National statistics help showcase the need for action. The American Justice Department reports one out of every four kids is bullied, and one out of five admits to being a bully.
    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”~Oscar Wilde

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    Oddly, the first thing that crossed my mind is that they can't pass anti-bullying legislation in VA because too many politicians live there. Politicians keep shoving more and more legislation that I disagree with down my throat. (Of course, this has been the case for the last 60 years, but still.) By my estimation, politicians are bullies.
    Sorry for the hi-jack.

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    I really do hope that this happens!!

    Let me just say that we live in VA, & last week on my daughter's school bus a little boy that she is friends with (they are 9 years old) was being bullied by another little girl on the bus. My daughter was sitting beside the boy.

    He was being kicked & punched repeatedly by the other girl for absolutely no reason. I know about this situation because my daughter is the one who stopped it.

    She switched seats with her friend, got kicked herself in the process, & took him to the Guidance Counselor's office to report what happened.

    His mother was grateful, as were the teachers, & we of course all gave her kudos for her actions.

    The next day when I asked for a follow up, I was informed that the school bus driver (who should have been the one to take action) told my daughter that what happened was none of her business, & that she had no right to take him to the Guidance Counselor to report the incident.


    I asked her how she reacted to this, & she told me that she just sat quiet. She knows that she did the right thing. And, I have explained that the bus driver probably got in trouble because she didn't do what my daughter did.

    The bullying needs to stop, & the people in our school system who are around our children on an everyday basis need to be held accountable if they allow this mess to go on & take the attitude that it is none of anyone's business!!

    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”~Oscar Wilde

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