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    Store Clerk's Mistake Wins Woman $1 Million Lottery Prize

    Why can't I have this type of thing happen!?! LOL!!


    Pamela Ivey of Georgetown, Ky., planned to pay $5 for her Mega Millions lottery ticket. The clerk who sold her the ticket, however, added the prize multiplier feature and asked her for $10
    "I glanced at her name tag and it said Susan, and I thought, 'Oh Susan, don't do that to me,'" Ivey said
    Susan had done Ivey, 42, a favor. When the drawing took place, Ivey's numbers came up. With the multiplier feature, she won $1 million rather than the $250,000 she would have won without it.
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    whenever the clerk ''boo-boo's'' happen, I buy the ticket cuz you never know.
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