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    Brazil mudslides kill at least 350 people in 3 towns north of Rio

    ‘We were like zombies, covered in mud, in the dark, digging and digging’
    RIO DE JANEIRO — Walls of earth and water swept away homes in the mountains north of Rio de Janeiro, killing more than 350 people in three towns. Whole families were wiped out while survivors were left scrambling Thursday to reach still-trapped neighbors.

    Some 50 people or more were still missing after the slides hit at about 3 a.m. Wednesday in the picturesque Serrana region north of Rio de Janeiro after 10 inches of rain — a month's normal rainfall — in 24 hours, according to officials and reliable local news reports.

    More rain, possibly heavy at times, is forecast through the weekend.
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    Thank you for that video essies. My thoughts and prayers will be with these poor people. A month's worth of rain in 24 hrs.....wow. Very sad.
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    Scary! Floods everywhere . . . famine everywhere . . . end of days
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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this tragedy.

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