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    If You Know Something

    I figure there is a good chance that someone who knows something reads online about the search for Lindsey Baum. Maybe we can keep a thread going of posts to this person or people.

    Who to Contact with Information:
    Grays Harbor County Information Hot-line (Tip line) (866) 915-8299
    Grays Harbor Police operations center at 800-281-6944
    Grays Harbor County E911 Dispatch Center (360) 533-8765 (out of county)
    or EMAIL soadmin@co.grays-harbor.wa.us
    or CUE Center For Missing Persons -24 Hour Tip Line ( 910) 232-1687

    Dear person who knows something:

    If you are in an unsafe situation please call 911
    don't second guess yourself, make the call, be specific, ask for help

    You may feel all alone but please know that many of us do care. Once you speak up you will be able to be a positive force for change.

    You may think that what you know doesn't matter or that it is too late. Whatever you know does matter and it is never too late. What you tell the police may make all the difference. Everything helps.

    You may love the person you believe is involved in her disappearance. You may believe they will never do anything like this again and that the circumstances were accidental.

    You know you cannot ultimately accurately predict their future actions. Accidental or not, the events need to be known.

    To report the actions of a loved one may feel like the ultimate betrayal. But doesn't Lindsey count too? Don't you count? Doesn't the community and world at large count?

    If a loved one has done something wrong and hasn't paid consequences and made restitution, if this loved one hasn't corrected matters, and you now have to carry knowledge of their wrong doing............they have betrayed you. And us all. You can make this right.

    Love someone who has done something wrong? Reporting them to the authorities is an act of love.

    Maybe you are financially tied to this person and don't believe you can make it on your own. Trust me, you can. The process may be uncomfortable and it may be awhile before you are on your feet again, but think how worth it this will be.

    If you know something, please tell. If you need help, please ask.

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    Just pushing the Thanks button wasn't enough...Thank you
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    If you know something -

    - you may assume that we all will eventually forget. But we will never forget. Lindsey is important to us. That fact will not change.

    You may believe that you will be in more danger if you tell what you know. All you need do is take one step. You can tell what you know anonymously if you wish.

    If you know something, please tell. If you need help, please ask.

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    We are still here, waiting, watching, hoping you will come forward soon, and do what's best for Lindsey, to help her be at peace. It's still not too late.

    Thank you,