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    TX - Dorien Thomas, 9, Amarillo, 26 Oct 1998

    Name: Dorien Deon Thomas
    Case Number: A9810009
    Case Type: Involuntary - Non-Family Abduction
    Last Seen in: Amarillo (Potter County)
    Last Seen on: 10/26/1998
    Height: 4' 0 "
    Weight: 60 lbs.
    Age Missing: 9
    Eye Color: Black
    Hair Color: Black
    Date of Birth: 5/6/1989
    Race: Black
    Sex: Male
    State Missing From: Texas
    Country Missing From: USA

    Circumstances: Dorien has a scar on the inside of his right knee. He was last seen on his aqua blue bicycle with white tires. Dorien was wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and white/black tennis shoes.

    Additional information:

    Circumstances: Dorien was last seen riding his aqua blue bicycle with white tires along 9th and Libscomb Streets in Amarillo, TX around 5:30pm. He told the friends he was with that he was going to go see another friend and has not been seen or heard from since. His bicycle has not yet been recovered.

    Article from 2000

    Full story: http://amarillo.com/stories/102800/new_boyremains.shtml

    Dorien's name surfaced in the files of an unsolved murder case. According to APD records, Dorien was the person who found the body of Gloria Ann Covington in 1997 in Hilltop Park, more than a year before he disappeared. Police have posted a photograph of Covington on a billboard along Amarillo Boulevard in hopes of finding clues to her death.

    Tips flooded the Amarillo Police Department shortly after Dorien became missing in 1998. Two years later, the calls are sporadic and always lead detectives back to the same place.



    Dorien Thomas

    In the early evening hours of October 27, 1998 , officers were sent on a missing child at the intersection of NW 9th and Lipscomb. Upon arrival, it was determined that 9 year old Dorien Deon Thomas had been missing for over 24 hours. Dorien was last seen on October 26th, near his home on an aqua blue bicycle. He was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. An extensive search was conducted all over Amarillo , but Dorien has never been found. Foul play is suspected in this case, and no new leads have come forward. Dorien is currently listed on the Missing and Exploited Children’s website, and has been featured on the television show “ America ’s Most Wanted”.

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    Update on missing children in Amarillo

    There are several cases in Amarillo that didn't meet that criteria to have an Amber alert issued and because of that police need your help finding three missing children.

    Dorien Thomas went missing in 1998, at the age of nine, when he was riding his bike in north Amarillo.

    "The last time he was seen or known of he was going to the Toot N Totum there at Boulevard and Hughes, he was going to go get a drink and some chips," said Lt. Gary Trupe.


    Officers say there is little hope Dorien may still be alive but they will continue searching for him until that is proven.

    "We would like to find Dorien, we would like to be able to, if somebody did murder him, arrest that person, I think someday we'll find Dorien I just don't know where," said Lt. Trupe.

    More: http://www.newschannel10.com/Global/...asp?S=13841854

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    This case breaks my heart. I hold out hope that some day we will know what happened to this little boy.

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    Bumping for Dorien.

    I remember when this happened but when I ask my friends around town if they remember it sadly most don't recall or know about this little boy. I wish there was more we could do but unfortunately there just isn't much information. The area he disappeared from is not a great area now and wasn't in 1998 either. Did it have anything to do with little Dorien finding the body of a murdered woman? Was he abducted because he knew or saw something else? That murder is still unsolved as well. Was this just a random kidnapping? A family member as statistics would suggest? There is just no direction at all. What happened to you Dorien?

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    While doing a little more reading on Dorien I found something that I hadn't previously seen. Looks like this very well could be related to the murder victim that Dorien found! Looks like he may have seen the suspect in a previous unrelated assault on another woman before any murders took place. It alludes to a possible "serial" killer type scenario among a couple of Amarillo prostitutes. Poor Dorien...if this is the case...you didn't deserve to get wrapped up in adult situations and pay for it with your life (I believe Dorien is no longer with us).


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    Dorien has been missing for over 17 years now.

    The only strong piece of information that they have released is that he discovered a body a little over a year before he disappeared. While that information is public now, was it made public prior to his disappearance? Usually, they don't publish the name of a person who makes a discovery like that particularly if it's a child. The perpetrator of the homicide may not have even known that Dorien specifically found the body. The story of that witness stopping by his mother's residence adds credibility to it though. Hopefully they can uncover the truth soon.

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    Dorien Thomas: Born May 6, 1989

    Missing Since: Oct 26, 1998

    Missing From: Amarillo, TX

    Dorien was last seen in Amarillo, Texas riding an aqua blue bicycle with white tires. Dorien was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.


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    Cold Case Spotlight

    18 Years Later, Missing Amarillo Boy Dorien Thomas's Disappearance Still Waiting to be Solved

    "When I come into my office every day, I see the cold case file at the back of our office," Lt. Bohannon told Dateline NBC. "The reason I keep them there, is because it's a constant reminder that we need to work on them."

    One of the cases waiting to be cracked is that of nine-year-old Dorien Thomas.

    It has been 18 years since Dorien disappeared, but Lt. Bohannon remembers that October distinctly. At the time, he was a relatively new officer working on the bicycle squad.

    After Thomas was reported missing the morning of October 27, an enormous search effort was launched.

    "I had never been involved in an operation on a massive scale like this. It was multi-agency, multi-officer. We even had air support." Bohannon said the community also banded together to help find Thomas, to no avail.
    Bohannon still hopes to find Dorien alive, "But if he's not, I want to make an appropriate DNA identification for Dorien," he says.

    "I will never give up on him. Maybe at some point in time, somebody will come forward with that one little thing that we need to solve the case." Until then, the lieutenant will pass the cold case shelf every day and think of Dorien, forever nine, waiting.

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