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    Holly Lahti - Mega Millions Lottery Winner

    I can't see this story having a happy ending. I hope she can kick the creep to the curb! I doubt that he's been paying her one dime since they've been separated. But now he wants a 'free ride' from her.

    She should have gotten that divorce the minute they split up. I don't care about the 'mug shot.' It looks like he'd beat the carp outta' her! and SHE gets arrested with him?

    just sayin'


    Mega Millions Lottery Riches Story Marred by Jarring Mug Shot

    When Holly Lahti came forward to claim her half of a $380 million lottery jackpot, it looked like one of those rags-to-riches stories come true, featuring a 29-year-old single mother of two girls, working as a bank teller and living in a tiny Idaho town.

    Then along came her estranged husband.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<full article at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Can't she get child support raised on him if he's granted half of the money?

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    I'll go one further and suggest that if she does have to give him half, the courts ought to impose an order that enough money to pay his back child support be garnished from the amount immediately and returned to Holly. In addition, enough monies to cover future required child support payments til the kids reach majority should be held in a trust by the court and doled out to Holly monthly. It is obvious that this stellar father can't be counted upon to do so.
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    thanks for posting this!
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    According to the video the mugshot of her was for a battery charge against another woman.He does have a long list of offenses too though.I dont think I would be happy to split it but if it goes to court I think she made wind up with the same 40 million or even less with the lawyers getting a huge chunk. I have been dealing with Family court for many many years and things unfortunately arent always "fair".He certainly doesnt deserve 40 million but he may just get it.

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