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    UK - Keith Bennett, 12, Longsight, Manchester, 16 June 1964

    Some of you may remember the case of the Moors Murderers, Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, both have died but the graves of some of their victims have never been located.
    in their later years Hindley and Brady wrote to each other in their respective institutions. It is now believed that the letters from Brady to Hindley conatined some coded clues as to the whereabouts of the graves.
    Hindley tried to use her knowledge to seek parole (both died in prison) but her searches of Saddleworth moor proved fruitless and just prolonged the agony of parents who have had to live with this for 30+ years.

    The BBc is screening a documentary this week which attempts to solve the msytery. I can only hope this will have a good outcome. I will keep you posted.

    Well having accessed the the above website I got nearly every detail wrong, sorry about that.
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