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    Daniel Pearl: Troubling Questions Still regarding his Murder


    For the last three years, the Pearl Project has been investigating the death of this beloved journalist. The information they have uncovered sheds a bright light on the belief that the suspects tried and convicted were either not directly involved, or in the case of the mastermind who was allegedly executed, not actually dead.

    "At the same time they were building their case against Sheikh and the three others, investigators did not pursue leads provided by another suspect in custody. That man, Fazal Karim, allegedly was one of the guards holding Pearl hostage and was there during his slaying. Karim also led investigators to Pearl's grave.

    But his account differed from the taxi driver's, thus threatening the prosecution's case against the four on trial. U.S. officials pushed the Pakistanis to restart the trial to include all the evidence, but the prosecutor argued that doing so would give the defense a huge advantage. So Karim's account didn't make it to court, and he was later set free."
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    Suspect Arrested, Linked to Daniel Pearl Slaying


    Pakistani officials said today they have arrested a suspect in connection with the brutal 2002 murder of Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl.

    Officials told ABC News the suspect, Qari Abdul Hayee, who often used the alias Asadullah, was captured Sunday in a targeted operation by the Pakistani Rangers, a paramilitary unit, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city and a sprawling metropolis home to an estimated 18 million people. .............

    Pakistani officials said they do not believe Hayee carried out the murder, but said he was "privy to the whole situation" and that he was part of the terror group that carried out the crime. ...........more.......

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    An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan has acquitted one of the people accused of murdering US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002.

    Qari Hashim was arrested in 2005, some three years after the main accused were convicted for the abduction and killing of Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter.

    Hashim's lawyer, Sher Mohammad Leghari, is quoted by the news agency AFP as saying the prosecution had no proof of his client's guilt.

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