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    DE - Wilmington, Skull found on Delaware River, UP8356, Jan'11 - Gary Mayo

    NamUs UP Case 8356 https://identifyus.org/cases/8356

    Unidentified Skull (Gender and Ethnicity Undetermined)

    * Found on January 4, 2011 at the Port of Wilimington, Delaware River Shoreline

    Vital Statistics
    * (Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Height and Weight are all undetermined)

    Case History
    Tuesday, 1/4/11 the Wilmington Police were dispatched to the Port of Wilmington in reference to a recovered skull. The human skull was found @ 14:00 PM by a man and his son who were boating along the shoreline on the Delaware River @ 300 yards south of the Port of Wilmington. The skull was found at low tide stuck in the mud. The reporting person moved the skull to higher ground prior to calling the police. The skull was recovered @ 20:00 PM on 1/4/11, the left eye orbit is damaged and there is a circular defect on the right side of the facial area above the maxilla. There is a single tooth remaining # 2.
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    This guy just showed up yesterday in NamUs.
    Joel Ariza


    There is nothing in terms of vital stats to compare, but the circumstances certainly look spot-on

    Joel Ariza launched his new boat under the Commadore Barry Bridge into the Delaware River approxiamtely 2:00 AM on 10-30-09. He was accompanied by a friend. After motoring out into the river, the engine stalled and boat started taking on dangerous quantities of water. Joel's friend jumped overbaord and swwam to shore. Joel stayed with his boat. Joel was never seen again; his boat was subsequently located on the banks of the Delaware River several miles down-river at Delaware State Park -- Fox Point State Park, in Wilmington DE.
    I dropped an e-mail to Hal Brown in case this hasn't yet come up on his radar.
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    Nice catch, Carl -- you're right, the circumstances are perfect.

    Though I'm wondering if "circular defect" is ME-ese for "bullet hole."
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    Hal Brown replied back that he knew about this case, and he is the one who entered Joel Ariza's MP casefile to NamUs.

    I figured as much, but I just wanted to make sure.

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    I just received an e-mail from Hal Brown informing me that the victim was identified as Gary R. Mayo (born April 29, 1963) of Wilmington, DE.

    He included this press release, just sent out today.

    Human Skull Found Near Port of Wilmington Identified
    Wilmington man had been missing since 2007

    WILMINGTON – Officials in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner says the human skull found January 4, 2011 in Wilmington has been positively identified as Gary R. Mayo (born April 29, 1963) of Wilmington, DE.

    Gary Mayo reportedly fell off a 20' boat into the Christina River on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2007. There were several unsuccessful attempts to rescue him before he submerged into the river and extensive searches were unsuccessful. The investigation conducted by Delaware State Police.

    On January 4, 2011, human Remains were exposed on muddy tidal flats and recovered by a boater along the shoreline of the Delaware River about 300 yards south of the Port of Wilmington. An investigation was conducted by:
    1. Wilmington Department of Police
    2. Delaware Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
    3. Delaware State Police

    The nearly complete male cranium (lacking a lower jawbone) was in very good condition despite undergoing some erosion due to water action (tides, waves, currents).

    Remains were examined by:

    1. Delaware Office of the Chief Medical Examiner staff
    2. Forensic Odontologist Dr. Richard Scanlon of Lewiston, PA
    3. Forensic Radiologist Dr. Gil Brogdon of Mobile AL
    4. Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Marcella H. Sorg of Oreno, Maine

    Based on macroscopic and osteometric anthropological assessment, radiological comparison to CT scans (anti-mortem CT Scans provided by Papastavros Associates Medical Imaging and Forensic dentistry (anti-mortem dental records provide courtesy of Dr. Richard Jacobs DDS, of Claymont, DE), positive identification was established as Gary R. Mayo

    Delaware OCME case number DE 2011-0014
    NamUs case numbers:
    NamUs UP #8356 (cranium)
    NamUs MP # 6931 (missing persons)

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