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    AZ - Adriana Sweeney, 13 mos, beaten to death, Kingman, Jan 2011

    A 21-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death of his girlfriend's 13 month baby girl.

    When will these girls learn!!! Baby had injuries that were healing at the time of her death. Looks like mommy should be arrested too.

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    Yet another one. :-(

    RIP Adriana Sweeney, little angel.

    This link has his mugshot, & some more info. Mom is 29, he is 21...........


    Colpitts is required to register as a sex offender after being convicted of an unknown offense in Oregon for which he spent several years in juvenile detention. It's not clear when he moved to Kingman or how long he and the baby's 29-year-old mother had been dating.

    About a month ago, Colpitts posted a question on the Internet titled, "How do I make my 1-year-old happy?" He said the baby cried while her mother was at work and asked for advice on how to soothe her.

    "When she is not sleeping she is crying," he wrote. "How can I help make her more happy? It hurts me to see her like this."

    His Facebook page also said the following: "I am 21. I have a girlfriend and she has a daughter. I am not the father. But I sure wish that I will be some day."
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    An RSO left to take care of a 1 year old baby?

    Obviously the guy didn't know why the baby was crying and is asking what to do about it online?



    RIP little doll.

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    From May 2012:


    A 19-year prison sentence was imposed Friday for a northwest Arizona resident who critically injured a baby who died at Sunrise Medical Center.

    Dustin Colpitts, 22, pleaded guilty to child abuse and manslaughter in the January 2011 death of his former girlfriend's daughter, 13-month-old Adriana Sweeney.

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