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    a little west of southern hospitality.

    Piano Bar: Teen explains origins of mystery piano

    When I saw the original video of this piano, being an "artist" myself, I became really inspired.
    There are two trying to claim the authentication of placing this piano 600 ft from the shore in FL. The video goes into detail about how many have used this piece in their own work, even a photographer from National Geographic - and the picture was published.

    Whomever placed it, when they get down to who really did it, could face a felony charge. Sort of a shame at how the community reacted to it, but the law is the law.

    Teen explains origins of mystery piano
    By Josh Levs, CNN
    January 27, 2011 11:36 a.m. EST


    [This is my first post ever, so if I did anything wrong please msg me to fix it. Just thought this story could bring a smile to some faces, or at least the convo if they (whomever it was) should be charged, or not.]
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    Lol, good job on your first thread start sherbert

    I have been following the mysterious piano story this week. It lighted up an otherwise awful news week. TY for clearing up the who and the how and the why.
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    I appreciate the absurdism, too, Sherbet. It's understandable that most folks would consider it an irresponsible and foolish act, but it's that kind of ingenuity that sometimes leads to great endeavors. Time will tell.

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    I loved the reference as Piano Key.

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    wonder if billy joel will make a visit

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