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    Super Bowl = Underage Sex Trafficking

    I exercise my first amendment right to share my opinions in every post.

    Brad Conway speaking about the Anthony’s: “They want the truth, but it’s going to be difficult when we get there.”

    George Anthony speaking about his suicide ideations: “Knowing that my granddaughter was gone, knowing where my daughter’s at and what she’s facing for the rest - possibly her life…”

    Cindy Anthony re: baby Caylee: “It wasn’t Casey’s child, it was our child. She belonged to all of us.”

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    I'm not doubting that there's a big underage child sex trafficking problem in the United States but this article is acting like they're flying in 10,000 (and I've heard numbers in other articles as high as 38,000) 7-year-olds in cages who were abducted from their bus stop. And if there are 10,000 underage prostitutes there, then how many legal-age prostitutes are there going to be? 10,000 underage prostitutes is 10% of Super Bowl spectators; so bring in all the over 18 prostitutes, and what, 25% of Super Bowl ticket holders are going to be buying a prostitute?

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