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    British man holds 'would be' WWII explosive, for hours.

    A British man has spent four hours holding a rusty piece of metal he feared was an unexploded World War Two bomb that would detonate if he let go only to be told he had been cradling part of an old car.

    British newspapers say David Page spoke to an emergency operator on his mobile phone, as police, fire and ambulance crews rushed to the east England workyard where the terrified 40-year-old had dug up the device.

    He says the police operator kept telling him everything would be okay, but he had to remind her she was not the one holding the bomb.

    The drama ended when army disposal experts turned up and told him the bomb was actually part of the hydraulic suspension system from a Citroen.


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    My father was in Coventry during the war, and it basically had the crap bombed out of it. As a teenager he thought it was great and did not go to school for months at a time. However he got a good hiding from his father when he was caught trying to open an unexploded incediary canister with a hammer in tye kitchen!!

    'England confides that every man will do his duty'".

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