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    Finland - Kuhmo, WhtMale skeletal, 40-65, Sept'10 - Klaus Bieher

    I had some difficulty choosing a thread prefix because it wouldn't let me post without one and there wasn't an EU or OTHER prefix. Found deceased was the only thing that fit although it's somewhat redundant in this forum where most have been found deceased.


    This UID was found in Kuhmo, Finland 11 September 2010. The body had been in the woods for some time and there was a lot of damage made by animals. All the limbs were missing. It is thought that he died in the summer. The police do not suspect a crime took place.

    His age is 40-65 years and he was wearing a light colored shirt and a white sleeveless undershirt. He may have had a blue backpack, bag or fanny pack.
    He had gold fillings in eight teeth, five in the lower jaw and three in the upper jaw. His height is estimated to be about 180 cm. He had short gray hair.

    There are no local missing person reports that could be him. It is thought that he might not be a Finn. The police have had DNA analyses done and they say that he could be Middle European based on his DNA, maybe from Southern Germany, Northern Italy, Switzerland, France or Northern Spain. The same DNA analyses say he is probably not Finnish or Russian. The Interpol knows about his case.

    There are photos of his teeth and clothing here http://ohjelmat.yle.fi/poliisitv/haemme_vihjeita

    http://www.n-cut24.de/ seems to be a German company. Maybe he's German?

    These links are in Finnish. http://translate.google.com/ may help a bit
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    Donjeta and everyone, if you need a new country prefix, please use the NEW prefix and alert a mod. The 'new' was set up to let us know we need to add a new country. I have put in a request to add Finland to the list of countries and will update the thread when we get the new prefix.


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    Thanks Cubby, you're a gem.

    Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have put the teeth photo, just a link. Is it too graphic?

    says this about the place where the decedent was found:
    Kuhmo is a town and a municipality in Finland and is part of the Kainuu region. The municipality has a population of 9,519 (31 October 2010)[2] and covers an area of 5,456.88 square kilometres (2,106.91 sq mi) of which 649.99 km2 (250.96 sq mi) is water.[1] The population density is 1.98 inhabitants per square kilometre (5.1 /sq mi). It has a borderline of 120 kilometres (75 mi) with Russia.
    This quite a small community in terms of inhabitants although not in area. Tourists might visit the area for the nature or an annual chamber music festival.


    Last year this took place between Sunday July 11 and Saturday July 24. I'm thinking he could possibly be a classical music fan.

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    I removed the photo of the teeth. If you would like to please add it as a link. It might be too graphic for some.

    hth and thanks!

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    This man has been identified by DNA. He was German, born in 1952. His name has not been released and the police don't know why he was in the woods of Kuhmo, Finland, but foul play is not suspected at the moment.


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    I've translated the news article you just posted. I've been teaching myself Finnish for almost 2 years now but I'm definitely not fluent in it, so I had to use Google Translate for help with a few parts. Sorry for any errors.

    The Central Bureau of Investigation has identified the deceased, but do not know why he was found in the woods in Kuhmo.

    The identity of the man found in Kuhmo in September 2010 has been discovered. According to the Central Bureau of Investigation, the victim is a German national born in 1952.

    The authorities are investigating the man's cause of death, but do not believe that foul play is involved.

    ''Why he was in the forest in Kuhmo is just as big a mystery as it was when we found him in 2010,'' says chief inspector Ismo Kopra.

    The man's history is not known. The police in Germany received confirmation of his identity just yesterday.

    He was identified via DNA.

    A man in Kuhmo had found the deceased in the woods in September 2010. He was almost 5'11 and had eight gold fillings in his teeth. He had been dead anywhere from a few days to a few months.

    The police had long believed the man was not Finnish. DNA testing revealed that he was of Central European descent, and German officials were able to match that DNA to one of their citizens.

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    This case reminds me of my former history teacher who went missing while hiking in Norway in 2011.


    Maybe the man found in Finland was a hiker, too. But at least, he got his identity back.
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