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    Pricey purses

    LONDON (AP) - What's in a handbag?

    Plenty, it seems: all told, the average British woman's handbag and its contents are worth some 577 pounds ($1,340 Cdn), according to a survey published Wednesday.

    Collectively, that means British handbags are worth some 14 billion pounds ($32.5 billion).

    The results of the survey of 1,700 women by Prudential Home Insurance will come as a shock to many - those surveyed estimated their purses and contents to be worth an average of 153 pounds ($355).

    The majority of women polled put makeup as the most valuable single item, with one in four carrying a set worth up to 50 pounds ($116). Half of those surveyed regularly carry up to 50 pounds ($116) in cash.

    "Apart from the usual bits and bobs, women really do carry a lot of valuable items in their handbags without actually realizing it," said Prudential spokeswoman Nicole Dodunski.


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    i once bought a Furla (Italian) alligator handbag for an obscene amount of money. it is gorgeous and will outlast me. there's something about an elegant bag and/or shoes. it's a leather thing. what's funny is i never carry the darn thing because all i do is keep my badge in my wallet , in my pocket, to keep my hands free. it sits on my dresser. and i have more shoes than imelda marcos...but only wear combat boots and flip-flops. wish i had all that money back!!

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