A shackled Queens man hurled himself out of a police car going 70 mph on a North Carolina highway yesterday - in a brazen attempt to escape justice for abducting his wife. In a dramatic scene witnessed by a Daily News reporter and photographer, Miguel Carrasquillo hit Interstate 40 head and shoulder first and rolled about a dozen times off the road into grass and mud.

The cruiser slammed on the brakes. A trailing unmarked police car and The News' vehicle swerved wildly to avoid the would-be Houdini, whose hands were cuffed in front of him and linked to a chain around his waist.

The suspect's face and arms were bloody. A hole was ripped in the back of his white T-shirt. But he wouldn't give up his fight.

Carrasquillo, 33, propped himself up on his knees as cops screamed at him to be still. At one point he seemed to be pleading with police as blood poured down his mud-caked face.

It marked the latest twist in a bizarre story that began Saturday morning when Carrasquillo allegedly snatched his estranged wife from her job at Elmhurst Hospital Center and shot one of her colleagues in the face.