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    CA - Miralda Espinoza, 42, found dismembered, Maywood, 4 Feb 2011

    Not much info yet, but son says he killed his mom, chopped her up and put her in a freezer...what is the world coming to?

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    he has an interesting myspace url

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    I wonder which psych meds he was taking.

    BTW, is it possible to change the thread title to start with CA? I thought this was a Louisiana incident. TIA.
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    LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Authorities have identified a woman whose butchered body was found in a freezer in Maywood. Coroner’s officials say 42-year-old Miralda Espinoza died of asphyxia and neck compression.

    Espinoza’s 19-year-old son, Moises Meraz-Espinoza, told police at the Huntington Park station that he killed his mother, sheriff’s deputies said.

    It was unclear when the killing occurred, but the body apparently had been stored in the freezer for about a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bessie View Post

    I wonder which psych meds he was taking.

    BTW, is it possible to change the thread title to start with CA? I thought this was a Louisiana incident. TIA.
    I was thinking the same thing.

    I also thought this was a Louisiana incident.
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    The article says his girlfriend was killed in a car crash 4 months ago and he had been acting strange and depressed since then.

    I wonder if the event caused him to become schizophrenic? If he went downhill rapidly and his family was not that aware of what was happening he might not have received any meds or other treatment. One has to be nuts and really out of touch with reality to be able to cut up their own mother with a saw, that is really quite extreme.

    Sad thing is he could suffer tremendous guilt over this if he gets on meds and becomes lucid.

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    CA - Moises Meraz-Espinoza dismembered mother/satanic overtones??

    First, bless the poor mother. My prayers are for her remaining family. This could be nothing more than a very sick young man. The fact that the satanic bible was found could mean not much at all. However, it could. Young men who are struggling are often the ones who seem to "dabble" in the darker arts. Murder and dismemberment goes way past "dabbling", though, IMO. This is why the motivation concerns me. I grasp what causes someone to murder. But dismemberment takes things to a whole new level. I would think he might simply be trying to conceal the body, except for the fact that LaVey's work was found in the home. And LeVey's bible would tell the young man that February is time to prepare for:

    Feb. 2 ~ CANDLEMAS (Sabbat Festival, Satanic Revels)
    (Sexual & Blood Rituals)
    Oral, anal, and vaginal, human and/or animal sacrifice

    Feb. 25 ~ ST. VALPURGIS DAY
    (Blood Ritual)
    Communion of blood and dismemberment


    Son Admits Butchering Mother, Storing Body Parts in Freezer

    "MAYWOOD -- New information has been revealed to KTLA Thursday about the gruesome murder of a Maywood woman dismembered and stuffed into her freezer. Amelia Espinoza, 42, had been cut into several pieces with a saw...."


    "...Police say 18-year-old Moises Meraz-Espinoza stored his mother's chopped up body parts in the family freezer for a week, before walking into a Huntington Park police station and turning himself...."


    "...A family member who didn't wish to be identified told KTLA that Meraz-Espinoza may have been suffering from depression after his girlfriend was hit by a car and killed four months ago. A satanic bible was found in the house, as well as a copy of the horror film "Saw."

    The motive still remains unknown. He is being held without bail.

    more at link

    A few more details here:


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    So sad. Too many killings like this. Jason Downie has been arrested and charged with the murder of 3 people in Kapunda, South Australia. He liked the film "Saw", listing it as a favourite on one of his social network pages. Apparantly, he also dismembered some of his victims (although no official details have been released).

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    This man should never be free again. The horrors that he committed are just stomach turning and I will never understand whatever made him do such a thing.

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    Does anyone here know any person ever into "dark arts" or satanic worship? I never believed in this stuff. I know there is great interest, among teens especially, in vampires due to that Twilight series... but really does anyone actually practice dark arts?

    Candlemas is a wiccan holiday. Wiccans are not violent. They are peaceful, nature loving, and IMO close to Native American in many of their beliefs.

    The Satanic Bible doesn't advocate cruelty. On sex it promotes 'any form of sexual expression you may desire, so long as it hurts no one else'. Satanism does not advocate criminal activity nor animal sacrifice. It advises casting a spell on a person that deserves to die... but really, who 'casts spells'? All silliness IMO.

    The Satanic Bible is sold on Amazon Amazon.com: The Satanic Bible (9780380015399): Anton Szandor Lavey: Books and you read about it there.

    What I'm saying is IMO blaming terrible crimes on satanism is a wrong. I don't believe in satanism. IMO there are bad people that do terrible things because they are nuts and it was more likely the movie Saw that inspired this whackjob to do what he did.
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    miimaa--There are most definitely "confirmed" satanic murders and crimes. I'm pleased that you don't believe in satanism but obviously there are many who do and who practice it. You might be correct in that these people are sick but a murder is a murder and I believe a motive is of value to note. We have a thread concerning a variety of cases here:


    And here's a case of two teen "dabblers" in San Jose who killed their friend to praise Satan:

    CA~Michael Russell murder trial/stabbed to death by teen satanists - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    And another recent case of a teen and older man who killed a 93 year old woman in her bed while forcing her to worship Satan:

    WI~"Satanic Thrill Killer", Austin Davis Sentenced for murder of 93 yr. old - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    And a self-professed satanist (with the numbers 666 tattooed on his forehead) who dropped his dead girlfriend off at the police station:

    Registered Sex Offender Drops Dead Body Off At Sheriff's Office - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    These are just a few recent cases which come to mind where satanism is known and accepted to be an element in the murder. You might also be interested to know that there's a new book being promoted by a man named Winter Laake, which supposedly builds on the principals of LaVey. The Church of Satan has a website where you can read their tenets. They publicly state that no child or animal is to be harmed and yet one of their tenets is to "destroy anyone in your path" who bothers you. I keep a close eye on any crime which might be connected with satanism and try to start threads on them. And please please note that the Wicca path and paganism does NOT equate with satanism. Wicca calls for peace and harmony. Satanism calls for self-indulgence.

    Here's the 11 tenets of satanism:


    We must remember that "dabbling" can be harmless. If we're talking about chanting and robes and candles, that hurts no one. However, when actions move beyond that to rape, torture, murder and dismemberment, that's a whole new level of evil. Personally I feel strongly that the element of satanic motivation MUST be considered when investigating crimes involving these elements. Unfortunately, the FBI does not share my beliefs. They state strongly that they only consider the crime itself and are very committed to preventing any sort of hysteria.

    You might want to look up the cases of Ricky Kasso and his followers and the murder of Elyse Pahler. Several sites for survivors of satanic abuse have posted special calendars of ritual dates. In some cases, those dates coincide with the holidays celebrated by other faiths. The one I use most frequently is here:


    I always check the dates and facts surrounding murders and we have a number of threads which concern me greatly. I'd like to think that LEOs and DAs are doing the same.
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    Not satanism but an interesting and scholarly look at "self-identified vampires" in modern culture:




    Popularity of vampires spawns subculture, scholar says

    "They work as doctors and lawyers by day but lurk as vampires by night. While they may not wish to suck your blood, there are plenty of willing victims on tap, according to a top U.S. scholar on a subculture that emulates the undead.

    Idaho State University sociologist D.J. Williams, newly hired as a consultant for a proposed television documentary about "self-identified vampires," said true modern acolytes of Dracula seek consensual blood-sharing relationships...."

    more at link

    I was interested to note that Dr. Williams also consults with the FBI. Maybe they are starting to consider motivation concerning certain crimes. After all we have Gang Enforcement Teams and Hate Crime Investigators.

    Fantasy is one thing. Murder and torture is quite another, IMO

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    From July 2013:


    A 21-year-old man Wednesday was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for murdering his mother, whose dismembered body was found in a freezer in their Maywood apartment.

    Moises Meraz-Espinoza was convicted in June of first-degree murder for the February 2011 killing.

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