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YD, I agree. I have come to terms with this case going unsolved. For the life of me, I will never understand why OPD handled it as they did at the outset. What still unnerves me is their failure to solicit AMW for help when it could have done the most good, during the period of months following these killings. I believe that the then police chief had a lot to do with this decision. I was told that he chose not to involve AMW because 'they profit from crime."
How noble. He has now moved on to another job in Texas while pulling a high five figure pension from the Omaha job. Apparently Mr Bushke has no problems with profiting from police work.
I continue to think OPD was intimidated by a high profile killing that involved a family associated with CU. Not alleging any coverup here, but rather an overly cautious approach that cost time and maybe a chance to solve the case.
About the AMW thing, OPD probably didn't reach out to AMW bc they wanted to keep the search and the tips that came in on a local scale. To reach out to AMW right away would open the investigation to a much larger scale and as well as tips from all around the country. Remember, they do have to check up on all the tips and "leads" that come in.
Also, its very far fetched to think that a police department would be intimidated "by a high profile killing...associated with CU". Think about it. Police do their job regardless of "association", give them some credit.